Dodgers Fans Go Nuts for Bryan Cranston After Booing Tom Cruise

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Dodgers Fans Go Nuts for Bryan Cranston After Booing Tom Cruise

By Cindy Davis | Pajiba Love | October 16, 2013 | Comments ()


Happy almost-Halloween y’all; are you getting your costumes ready? We’re trying to scrape together the makings of Tom Baker’s Four for my daughter without breaking the bank. Do you have any idea what his scarf and hat go for? We’re going the craft store route. As for the ghosts of Doctors past…

Looks like Nine’s Malekith is about to give Loki a run for best badass in Thor: The Dark World. (via io9)

If you’re excited about seeing Nine, you’re gonna love this new photo of the Doctors Three: Ten, Eleven and…er…Eight 1/2 (?). John Hurt. Check out more new pics from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special airing November 23rd. (Comicbookmovie)


I totally need book stairs, and a bookshelf slide, and…pretty much all of these Things That Belong in Every Bookworm’s Dream Home. (Buzzfeed)

I also need this Lego Golden Girls Kitchen Set. (Underscoopfire)

What’s that you say, a movie based on a true story played loose with the facts? Well duh, how else is Tom Hanks supposed to win his next Academy Award? (Slashfilm)

Does Miley have special powers (besides twerking)? Dan Harmon has a few stories to tell. (Uproxx)

This celebrity amalgam makes my eyes feel all wonky. In the “ideal” faces, I see Jennifer Lopez and sometimes, Nicole Kidman—the guy is clearly Billy Campbell. (Unreality)

The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations include Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, N.W.A., Cat Stevens, The Replacements, The Zombies, Kiss, LL Cool J, and Hall and Oates. Vote in your favorites. (Rolling Stone)

Is that a Boo in your pants, or are you just unhappy to see me? Twitter was all aflutter last night over fans at Dodger Stadium cheering wildly for Bryan Cranston after having booed Tom Cruise. (Bleacher Report)

Speaking of awkward, Katie Holmes *might* be secretly dating Tom’s Collateral co-star, Jamie Foxx. (Dlisted)

Natalie Portman is all like, “What the fuck are you looking at?” She might not be my favorite, but I can respect the sentiment. (Go Fug Yourself)

Last night’s Sons of Anarchy went old school and let me tell you, it was a welcome relief to see the boys smile…and that special guest star. Check out both Dustin’s and Joanna’s recaps. (Warming Glow, Vulture)

Kate Winslet is on the cover of Vogue and does she know how to do pregnant, or does she know how to do pregnant? But apparently, she doesn’t know how to share—which makes me a little sad for the kidlets. (Celebitchy)


If you’re not as thrilled with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as some people (me), never fear—Marvel’s putting together four more shows and a miniseries. (The Mary Sue)

Finally, check out this cute little fella who found his way into a Melbourne pharmacy after being hit by a car. He was treated (tranquilized) and removed by wildlife volunteers, then taken to a vet for examination. Feel better Kanga! (The Telegraph via Buzzfeed)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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  • e jerry powell

    All the focus at Dodger stadium needs to be on booing the Dodgers for fucking this series up.

  • Not just a pharmacy for the kangaroo, but a pharmacy at Melbourne Airport. It's close to open fields, and they occasionally get kangaroos wandering into the car parks and such.

  • XiuFetish

    Yeah, as a fellow Aussie, I'm resigned to this incident reinforcing the "kangaroos hopping down Main Street" expectations of Australia I've encountered so frequently overseas...

  • pisswizard

    Also I love how we both started our comments with 'yeah.' I've started noticing how much Australians start sentences with "yeah," even when we're about to answer in the negative. Like, "yeah, I don't want any." Or the classic Aussie non-answer: "yeah, nah..."

  • XiuFetish

    Yeah... we Australians have a laidback reputation to maintain, so we have to placate people before we disagree with them.

  • pisswizard

    Yeah, I find it hard to fight that stereotype, since my family actually raised baby kangaroos when I was growing up. Not for pets - we took in joeys that had been orphaned by cars or hunters, and released them back into the wild when they were old enough. When they were really tiny we fed them bottles and carried them around in tote bags lined with blankies for a makeshift pouch.

    I love roos.

  • Robert

    If you're looking at hand-crafted Doctor scarves, they're probably under-priced for the amount of labor that goes into them. Your best bet might be stitching together a good width and length of fleece for the kid's height and painting the stripes on. The next best option is picking up a knitting loom kit and doing an easy e-stitch tube scarf in a variety of colors. It's time consuming, but a whole lot cheaper and faster than actually knitting with the sticks.

  • A good friend of mine is a rabid Dr. Who fan and the person responsible for getting me to watch. #4 is by far his favorite(outside of #10,I generally prefer #1, or #3) so for Christmas last year, I managed to scare up an authentic 12 foot #4 scarf and it ran me a good $75.

  • That was my thought--the fleece or even felt pieces from the craft store.

  • Robert

    If you can get the different colors of felt, it could work. I think the fleece would be more comfortable to wear.

  • BWeaves

    Interesting how the ideal faces are brunettes. In the 1970's they would have been blonds.

  • BWeaves

    1. I'll take any of the book nooks that are next to a window, but the book slide looks cool.

    2. Doctors! sploosh

    3. Just buy 3 colors of cheap acrylic yarn and knit Four's scarf in garter stitch. You don't need the hat. If you don't know how to knit, bribe a knitter.

  • Fredo

    Heisenberg is a Dodgers fan? He is the one who knocks homeruns.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Buzzfeed should do a list of the top ten Buzzfeed lists that make feel like a lazy, loser, pauper with no style. This book list would be #4 I'm guessing.

  • bastich

    I'd like to see a "Nextwave" TV show from Marvel, where they could introduce and play with the goofier aspects of the comics universe.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I hate to admit it but the Austrasian woman threw me for a loop.

  • Sirilicious

    In Holland, most if not all minorities live in cities, or at least large towns. It's always weird and awesome to hear a minority speak with an 'hick' accent. It's about the same thing you mention here.

    Mind you, it's not very rare, so it's mostly surprising if they speak with an accent that is not your own hick accent...

    I look forward to the day we isolate the xenofobic gene. Not as an excuse, but at least as a reason.

  • Strand

    My mother is Chinese and I have a fairly standard Australian accent. You'll hear a lot of this in big cities like Sydney or Melbourne with large migrant populations.

    Our 'hick' accent is more Steve Irwin-esque and it's not quite as common as other regional accents like the Southern drawl. Maybe one in ten Aussies actually have it, since you really need to be in the bush for it to stick. Anyone who sounds like that probably works with sheep.

  • "...probably works with sheep" = gold!

  • XiuFetish

    My Aussie/Chinese daughter speaks exactly like this couple, but I feel for you being a bit discombobulated, because I had the same response many years ago in New York when I heard an African-American bloke speaking Yiddish.

  • Standard Aussie accents - a reasonable approximation of how I talk (I think). What threw you?

  • Sirilicious

    Her Asian features combined with that accent. Try to imagine an Asian person with a perfect American Southern Drawl.

  • BWeaves

    Me too. That wasn't the accent I was expecting to come out of that couple.

    Then again, it throws me when I hear Mickey Smith or Luther talk, too, and I used to live in England in the 1960s. But I've been in the USA too long.

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