Did ScarJo Turn In The Sexiest Performance Of The Year? God Help Me, I Think She Did.

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Did ScarJo Turn In The Sexiest Performance Of The Year? God Help Me, I Think She Did.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 14, 2012 | Comments ()


So much like that "Sexiest. Films. EVER." list I posted last week, this particular link of 2012's Sexiest Performances (so far, obvs) may steam up your work goggles. Oddly enough, the list has a lot in common with that piece I wrote last week about Actors Who Changed Our Minds This Year. So I guess we know which brain* I've been thinking with. (What Culture)

The only reason Gosling isn't on the above list is that he hasn't released any movies in 2012...yet. Tide yourself over with this Ryan Gosling coloring book. Oh, Lars! (MovieLine)

I rarely post Cracked articles, mostly because I assume all of y'all will find them on your own. But this here post introducing "Two Wealthy Young Celebrities You Will Soon Hate" was too good to pass up. I never heard of them until I clicked the link and I already despise them with the fire of a thousand diamond encrusted baby Jaguars. (Cracked)

Palate Cleanser! Is it awkward if I make an "I'll be in my bunk bed" joke? Ugch, these two are the cutest things in the 'Verse. (Neatorama)

Is Tim Tebow doing a Sexy Jesus On The Cross pose? Is that a thing? Consider me crucifixated. (Celebitchy)

Over on Warming Glow Dustin has the highlights from "Breaking Bad"'s Hank Schrader's blog. (Awkward Apostrophe.) But, more importantly, he has a photo of "Breaking Bad" actor Dean Norris in a Xena outfit. Aiyiyiyiyiyiyi, indeed. (WG)

I love me a good film infographic and out of the several goodies here, the Shawshank Computation is my fav. (Daily Dip)

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Cameron Crowe reflects back on Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Take away lesson? Sean Penn was ever thus a douchebag. (EW)

I never really wanted an iPad until I realized I could have an iPad with an Auryn on the cover. TO THE APPLE STORE. (Instagram)

Last week, at the mention of some Rosamund Pike news, I was discussing the post-franchise career success of certain Bond Girls. Well, fear not for Olga Kurylenko's career. Olga Kurylenko has landed the coveted role of Some Sort Of Nautilus-Headed Person. Well done, Olga Kurylenko. Good look. (IndieWire)

If you haven't seen it yet, please please please enjoy this filmic rendition of "Baby Got Back." You can pack up and go home, Internet. You've won.

Finally, I'm pretty sure your day can only be enhanced by a little John Barrowman sunshine. Right? Right.

*Only dudes can make that joke, hunh? UNFAIR.

Joanna Robinson was once in a band called Awkward Apostrophe.

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  • Sirilicious

    Is it awkward if I make an “I’ll be in my bunk bed” joke?

    Yes. But not just because they are kids, also because you said "bunk bed" instead of just "bunk". You make an inside joke while not being on the inside, and that's always awkward when it shows. :o)

  • Leelee

    I thought the point was that it wouldn't be "bunk" (ala the traditional phrase) it would be a "bunk bed" because they are but small children and therefore likely to sleep in bunk beds. Takes it from sexy-time talk to a charming play on words due to their minor years.
    And now I've spent far too long thinking about that joke.

  • Sirilicious

    Hah, it could be, but would she still need to fear awkwardness then? I will gladly bow to Joanna's cleverness, if that was her intent.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Ryan Gosling hasn't made any films yet this year? That's odd. I feel like he has one out almost every day.
    In totally unrelated news: I'm on this site every single day.
    Keep that Gosling flame burning!

  • DarthDarqeaux

    ScarJo puts in sexy just by breathing. But (adjective) "performance of the year"?

    ScarJo never performs .Quite simply, she's perfected the school of acting that Kristen Stewart is so famous for. Just because she was brilliantly cast as the "emotionless spy-assassin" doesn't mean she put in a great performance. it simply means her monotone, blank line delivery and her emotional range of unwrinkled forehead to slightly wrinkled forehead between the eyebrows was the perfect fit for playing the Black Widow.

    I will give her credit though. Unlike K-Stews ham-fisted lip-bite, ScarJo's tiny-space-between-her-eyebrows crickle is more subtle, and therefore more sublime.

  • Jezzer

    Gawker has covered the Brant Brothers a time or two, so I already had a nice, healthy hatred of them before Cracked discovered them.

  • Guest

    "Offered limitless open doors, you chose a walk-in closet."


  • No, no, no! ScarJo could never top a list like that, not with Eva Green in a low cut dress in any movie, not if she were encased in lead-lined box reading wikipedia. Please, stop trying to rebuilt ScarJo's sexy - it was never thus. Heck, even Olga in nautilus head still is sexier than ScarJo.

  • Nadine

    ...Barrowman...you need to stop with your magicalness.

  • From the "Sexiest" article: "Say what you will about Scarlett Johansson. Whether you see her as vapid, annoying or dull, "
    So, Brad is a Pajiba reader, then?
    OMFG! The Firefly Kids are awesome! I've gotta get my son a Mal outft for Halloween this year.
    Now if they can just follow up the "Baby Got Back" video with a version of "Purple Rain" using only Disney cartoons... Still, that was pretty impressive.

  • Fredo

    I want to adopt those two kids. Then buy them copious amounts of ice cream.

    Then bring them back to their parents.


  • HaydenT

    John Barrowman! Makes me wonder why God thought he had to make Tom Cruise when he already had perfection...and without the creepiness, too!

  • Lauren_Lauren

    What's wrong with the proportions in that header pic? Her head is far too big for her body.

  • Well, you do know she's a bobblehead in real life, right?

  • TheOtherGreg

    John Barrowman is 45. Craig Ferguson is 50. Both, besides being Scottish, frequently wear hoodies. Is there an age limit for this, or some other factor rendering it uncool to wear a hoody? Cuz they both pull it off, I think.

  • Snath

    John Barrowman is quite literally the Best Man Ever. I feel confident saying that, and I've only JUST started Who.

  • Tinkerville

    You aren't wrong. Just wait till you get to Torchwood: Children of Earth.

  • Okay, that Teabow pose is just creepy. Unless, you know, someone is actually going to nail him to a cross, in which case carry on.

  • What? I say the same thing about Vin Diesel's bondage poses in various movies. If they insist on putting that imagery out there - consistently, no less - I have to believe they have at least a passing desire to see it all the way through.

  • KatSings
  • KatSings

    You can have the Auryn on your Kindle as well

  • L.O.V.E.

    Emma Stone in thigh highs > Scarlett Johansson's latex suit.

  • Oh yeah, so not even close.

  • L.O.V.E.

    And even if the latex suit is your thing, I would take Kate Beckinsale (Underworld:Awakenings, 2012) and her accent over ScarJo.

  • KatSings

    Haven't read the rest of this yet - but that article calls Hathaway a NY Native. She may live there now, but Annie is a Jersey girl to the bone.

  • Snath

    Isn't New Jersey just New York's backyard? Same thing, right?

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