Charlize Theron is a Real Ballerina and a Real Hero
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Charlize Theron is a Real Ballerina and a Real Hero

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | February 26, 2013 | Comments ()


Dustin's got the word on few more pilot castings, including where you might be able to see Agent Scully and Billy Elliot on your TVs again. (WG)

Ray Cusick, the man who designed the Daleks on "Doctor Who" has passed away from heart failure. So, don your very best Dalek attire to CE-LE-BRATE what he's given the Whoniverse. This TARDIS fez is also cool. (BBC News)


Speaking of the universe, here are some gorgeous 3D gifs of space. (Earth Sky)

Promotion for the coming season of "Games of Thrones" is ramping up. They've dropped this clever full page ad in the New York Times, complete with fake stories that actually reference the GoT universe. (Co.CREATE)


And HBO has teamed with poster extraordinaires MONDO to produce a gallery show of GoT themed artwork that will run during SXSW with prints available for purchase soon after. If only someone going to SXSW could pick me up one. *hint, hint* *nudge, nudge* *warhammer, warhammer* (Badass Digest)


There's a very real controversy brewing among Hollywood and the VFX artists that feel under appreciated and under compensated for their work. In fact, many were protesting outside of the Oscar ceremony on Sunday. Here's more on the story. (Indiewire)

Also at the Oscars, Charlize Theron, who I learned is a trained ballerina, helped a security guard having a seizure while on the red carpet while being ridiculously good looking. (EW)

"Arrested Development"'s return may only last for a one season, but at least you and dozens of other never-nudes can enjoy it while it lasts in these briefs that look like jean shorts. (Laughing Squid)


"Downton Abbey", a show I love but whose cast is whiter than Mr. Carson's dust inspection glove, is getting its first black character. (Telegraph)

This gif illustrating the facial similarity between Adam Scott and Anna Kendrick leaves me wanting a sibling comedy starring the two that doesn't even exist. TEASE. (BF)

Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone. Jack Nicholson is no exception. (Celebitchy)

Key and Peele use their words and not their pacifists in this epic Gandhi and MLK rap battle.

Jasmine Markes may not be a never-nude, but she is a monster.

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  • Carrie/Teabelly

    Downton Abbey, a show I love but whose cast is whiter than Mr. Carson’s dust inspection glove, is getting its first black character.

    It's set in Yorkshire in the early 20th century. Yorkshire is hardly what you'd call diverse even now. It's not like the show is pulling a Walking Dead.

  • e jerry powell

    I still think "Thetan" every time I see "Theron" and it's disturbing.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I don't always catch Kay & Peele, so thank you, thank you, thank you for that amazing video.

  • Tinkerville

    The VFX protest is about far more than feeling under appreciated (which they are). The amount of outsourcing that's going on and the measures the VFX houses have to take to counter it is obscene. Hopefully changes will come out of the protest, but I'm not too hopeful given how much money the studios can save by cutting VFX costs.

  • Mrcreosote

    That VXF letter is both heartbreaking and infuriating. The major breakthrough of the last 20 years in film ('93 was Jurassic Park) is computer effects. One of the primary reasons for the rise of the comic book movie is the ability to depict things that would be impossible to replicate in meat space. Yet the people who do this amazing work are being squeezed, and the industry which constantly whines about fairness to their art vis a vi copyright law turn a blind eye because it's all computer speak which is not taught at the Actor's Studio.

  • Patty O'Green

    Oh, Charlize saved someone's life? Neat

    ::opens article::

    "...The actress was one of the few people around the man when he went down,
    and attempted to help him up, before someone else phoned a doctor..."

    ........She attempted to help him up? That's nice and all, go her, but the headline on that EW article is a bit on the exaggerative side. That is SOOO unlike them!

  • jM

    OR, maybe I know that a single touch from the naked hand of Charlize Theron is enough to bring mere mortals back from the brink of death.

  • BlackRabbit

    Where....where did Gandi go? And "Tardis fez" are on the impossible list of words that have never been a couple before.

  • mairimba

    Charlize Theron is just perfect. She can do no wrong. Oh wait.... Aeon Flux....

  • InternetMagpie

    It would be funny if, every step of the purchasing process for those Nevernude briefs, the price went up a ton.

    "What, the guy in the $3,000 briefs is going to wash his own balls? COME ON!"

  • Is there anyone Jack could interrupt who would get pissed off, or who would blow him off? Maybe a Kardasian. Certainly not anyone who has the faintest idea who he is.

  • Guest

    Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. If anything, you showed restraint for not pointing out all the other mistakes.

  • jM

    Go home, Disqus. You're drunk.

  • Kballs

    The pear in those briefs must be crushing that dude's balls.

  • Zirza

    " getting it’s first black character."

    I think you mean 'its'.

    On behalf of the pedantic society, thank you for your attention.

  • jM

    I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up. If anything, you showed restraint for not pointing out all the other mistakes.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    On behalf of every writer on the planet who has ever had a type-o or brain stutter, a list that likely you are on as well, go to hell.

  • Guest

    I am an English teacher. It's/its is the bane of my existence - or one of them, anyway. I cannot help myself. It is an affliction. As soon as I see anyone confusing the two I am convinced that in the near future we wl al be spelink lik thiis.

    However, I don't make nearly enough to get sent to hell by random internet strangers, so might I suggest you join me on my way there?

    Or, y'know, lighten up.

  • Zirza

    I'm an English teacher. It's/its is the bane of my existence.

    Well, one of them anyway.

    I don't make nearly enough to get sent to hell by random internet strangers, though, so if you insist, might I suggest you do likewise?

    Or, y'know, lighten up.

  • Deidra

    I love when self-admitted pedants tell others to lighten up. As we are not your students, please feel free to adhere to your own advice, Francis.

  • Zirza

    Well that went out of hand quickly. I was trying to be ironic, but alas, Poe's Law struck again. Shall I be the mature one and leave now?

  • Deidra

    Maybe I was as well. See how Poe's door swings both ways?

  • $27019454

    Wait. Being an English teacher is the bane of your existence? Sorry. I'm confused. Your sentence structure and the juxtaposition of the two sentences made your central idea a bit ambiguous. For a pedant, that is.

  • $27019454

    I kinda think Zirza was just being sort of cute/funny. I mean he/she called him/her self pedantic, thereby removing the sting and pointing the stick at her/himself. Just my thought.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    On the one hand, I get that and I sort of snapped off a little there. On the other hand, I feel like I see entirely too many self deprecating "oh ha ha, sorry I'm such a pedant, no really it's not you, it's me" comments, when really all they want is to point out other people's mistakes and make themselves look smart.

    With all of that said, if that was not the intent, than I apologize.

  • Zirza

    I'm not smart. I'm pedantic, dammit.

  • Jezzer

    Jesus. Those jean shorts brief pics need to come with a trigger warning before someone loses an eye.

  • BWeaves

    I thought the model on the left was a girl, making it extra disturbing.

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