Bourne Legacy, If Any Of Your Shaky Cam Shenanigans Obscure My View Of Rachel Weisz, There Will Be Hell To Pay

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 11, 2012 |


Speaking of heaving bosoms, the military is designing new armor for their female soldiers that can better accomodate certain, ah, aspects of their anatomy. Their inspiration? Xena. I sh*t you not. I hope every female soldier gets a standard issue chakram as well. (The Mary Sue)

The Nerds at MIT want to rain on your extraordinarily geeky parade and claim the Higgs Boson may be an imposter. (The Bunsen Burner)

Here's a new clip from The Dark Knight Rises. I could listen to Gary Oldman gravel at Joseph Gordon-Levitt all day. (Bleeding Cool)

Speaking of Nolan's new film, Vulture reminds us that this isn't the first time Tom Hardy's character, Bane, has graced the big screen. You're forgiven if you missed him somewhere between Schwarzenegger's ice puns and Uma's drag queen impression. (Vulture)

Bad news Direct TV subscribers, it looks like you won't have Jon Stewart to guide you through this election season. Dustin breaks down all the shows you'll no longer get because of their dispute with Viacom. (WG)

As many of you mentioned when I posted a piece called "Cumberb*tches Assemble," Benedict Cumberbatch hates that word for his female fans. He suggests Cumberbabes as a viable alternative. (Celebitchy)

I'd watch this movie. I'd drop everything I'm doing and watch it right this second. (Down With Film)

Here's a fun game to break up your afternoon monotony, hold your hand up over the bottom half of your monitor and see if you can guess the band names associated with these nifty pictogram rock posters as you scroll down. (Unreality)

Or, if it's that kind of day, then all you "Breaking Bad" fans can go Fring yourselves. (AMC)

Screen legend Peter O'Toole announced his retirement from acting. Though he'll be lovingly remembered for Laurence Of Arabia The Lion In Winter and How To Steal A Million, MovieLine prefers to remember him for other, more alcoholic reasons. (MovieLine)

Let's use Peter O'Toole's delightful staggers as an inspiration for this Zombie Theme Park. No, I'm not kidding, they're building one in Detroit. (Geekologie)

And let's finish out the day with this fantastic preview for the upcoming web series Harry Potter And The Ten Years Later. Oh yes, Ron's let himself go, but you can see our very own, very talented Shiny Kate in a scandalous corset and stockings combo. Delightful!

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