Amy Poehler's Adorable Ginger Kids Are Our Only Hope Against the Evil Redmayne Ginger
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Amy Poehler's Adorable Ginger Kids Are Our Only Hope Against the Evil Redmayne Ginger

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | March 4, 2013 | Comments ()

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As a huge fan of the politics behind both Saturday Night Live and late-night talk shows, this Rolling Stone profile of Jimmy Kimmel -- which, among other things, delves into why he loathes Jay Leno -- is a fascinating read. (Rolling Stone)

Speaking of late-night talk show wars, there's rumors percolating that Jimmy Fallon could take over The Tonight Show as soon as next year. (Uproxx)

I know this sort of celebrity gawking raises some hackles around here, but I can never get tired of seeing Amy Poehler and her ginger kids. They're just goddamn adorable, OK? It's not prying if they're CUTE. (The Daily Mail)

If you like infographics, here's an awesome map of the United States showing the locations of 113 televisions series. (WarmingGlow)

Charles Dance inadvertently confirmed what is obvious to anyone, what with the third book being split into two seasons: "Game of Thrones" will have a fourth season. Uh. Duh. (Den of Geek)

Anna Friel ("Pushing Daisies") has been cast alongside Kyle Chandler in one of the more promising new series, "Vatican" (for Showtime). She'll play the Party Girl. She also reveals that she once embarrassed her father by accidentally sending him pornographic images. (OK! Magazine)

Remember when Spielberg inherited Stanley Kubrick's A.I., and he kind of made a maudlin mess of it? Well, now Spielberg has inherited a miniseries about Napoleon from Kubrick, and given Spielberg's track record with television of late ("Smash," "Terra Nova"), I'd expect that this may become a maudlin mess, as well. (The Playlist)

I totally missed it in this week's box-office round up, but David Duchovny and Ed Harris' Phantom, which opened in over 1100 screens, managed a measly $450,000, which is one of the worst openings in the history of openings. It's no wonder that David Duchovny wants to play Fox Mulder forever, as he noted in a charming nterview with Craig Ferguson. (YouTube)

What? Eddie Redmayne used to model for a knitting magazine? (Buzzfeed)


Because I forgot today was my PL day until the last minute, thanks to the Pajiba Facebook Group for helping out with the links below.

OTTERS. Every day. Because, right? Right! (via Lainey Bobainey, obviously) (The Daily Otter)

I love this from Eamon, one of the funniest guys in the Pajiba Facebook crowd: The Stool Pigeon Guide to Music Journalist Bullshit. This definition sounds about right: Hotly anticipated -- Nicked the leaked version off The Pirate Bay, never going to listen to it. (The Stool Pigeon)

TK points us toward this, the Gallery of Regrettable Food, a simple introduction to poorly photographed foodstuffs and horrid recipes. Disgusting. (Lileks)

InternetMagpie asks the appopriate question about this piece: Funny satire or mysogyny? I'll give the benefit of the doubt to the former because it is ... (The Hairpin)

This Times piece -- "We Found Our Son in the Subway" -- was making the rounds over the weekend and late last week, and if you haven't read it yet, it will give you the weeps. (NYTimes)

Mairim (via lowercase ryan) brings us this fantastic viral video on wealth inequality in the Unites States. (Mashable)

According to this infographic (via Lainey), in which reveals your personality based on your sleeping position, I smell bad and have no sense of style. (Julia Segal)

JGL fans will absolutely adore how obnoxious this GIF is (from SLW).


I love Justin Timberlake, whose new album debuted at number one in the UK. But, maybe this quote was ill advised (via Jezzer): "When we were making the record, I said, 'If Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin can do 10-minute songs and Queen can do 10-minute songs then why can't we? We'll figure out the radio edits later." (LaineyGossip)

If you like to write about swords or lasers, there's an anthology accepting submiss ... oh, Robert. I can't even. The internet cannot contain that much geek. (Sword and Laser)

From Caspar, how have I not seen this before? (Cats on Film)

This one, from duckandcover is old, but it nothing will break your heart's heart like a SLOTH CRYING.

For the funniest 9 seconds you will experience today, this comes from Dan Carlson. Just click play. Trust me.

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  • Eeeee lookit the freckles on Baby Redmayne! They're almost adorable enough to make up for his insane fish mouth!

  • Jamouse

    I just watched that whole interview with David Duchovny, and have concluded that he is still hot. My lifelong crush on Fox Mulder continues.

  • Timberlake apparently is trying to push all my buttons. If he starts playing guitar and says, "If Eddie Van Halen can do it, why not me?" I'll have to track him down and slap him in his annoying face.

  • He's played guitar for years.

  • It's great to confirm that Dan Carlson is in fact 12.

  • Nicolae

    Suck it, Duchovny! Enjoy your artistic freedom away from the X-Files where you were so dreadfully pigeon-holed.

  • InternetMagpie

    Oh my god, JGL could guest-star on New Girl as Nick's brother.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    The nice thing about that Jimmy Kimmel story is that it shows even men get ridiculously photoshopped on the cover of magazines. His face does not look real.

  • SeaKat Stabler

    That. Goat.

    I straight-up cackled.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Have you seen the Maroon 5 goat?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Nope, it's still prying.

    Swords & Lasers sounds like a StrongBad anthology.

    The baby in the subway story made me weepy this weekend. So lovely.

  • Jon Stewart could have been the host of what became Jimmy Kimmel Live? That just blew my mind. And I can't say how glad I am that that didn't happen.

  • Arran

    Wouldn't that have clashed with him taking over for Larry Sanders anyway?

  • Puddin

    I clicked. And you didn't let me down.

  • lowercase_ryan

    That Kimmel piece is making me want to get high like whoa. And I don't even do that anymore.

  • ::blushes manfully::

  • JoannaRobinson


  • KatSings

    I apparently will never grow tired of those Goat videos. Every time a new one pops up, I watch, and I laugh. And then I rewatch the old ones and laugh some more.

  • fribbley

    This is the first one I've ever seen and I am weeping tears of laughter right now.

  • chanohack

    If you don't like Eddie Redmayne, send him to me. Please.

    (You may keep the sweater.) (He won't be needing it.)

  • duckandcover

    I read "Charles Dance" as "Cindy Davis."

    I really need to lay down.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    I read "Charles Dance" as "Hugh Dancy" and I wondered how that little eel wriggled his way into the GoT pool of blood.

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