All Those Terrible Things You've Said About Kristen Stewart? She's Said Worse About Herself.
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All Those Terrible Things You've Been Thinking About Kristen Stewart? She's Went Ahead And Said Them.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 10, 2012 | Comments ()


As much as I love some good Daenerys/Khaleesi cosplay, I find myself more intrigued by this chick dressed as Khal Drogo. Her guy friend dressed as the Mother Of Dragons ain't bad either. (The Mary Sue)

Halloween food in general is usually sickly sweet (CANDY CORN, I'M LOOKING AT YOU), but this ghostly pizza looks a) easy and b) creepy and c) DELICIOUS. (Laughing Squid)

Speaking of creepy and delicious, did all you "Justified" fans watch "Sons Of Anarchy" last night? Holy bowl of Crowder, if you didn't, get on that. And if you did, relive the most glorious cameo in the history of television over on Dustin's recap. (WG)

I've already mentioned this magnificent Tarantino boxed set, but I think the art is worth a marvel. You've already pre-ordered a set for the foot fetishist in your life, right? Of course you have. (Laughing Squid)

Nestled gently between the Tarantino discs and Kristen Stewart's self-loathing (don't worry, pets, we'll get there), is this lovely Think Piece from Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi on how the media has somewhat destroyed the democratic process. (Rolling Stone)

If you listened to our new Station Agents podcast this week (and SO many of you did, thanks!), you'll have noticed that the love for Scott Speedman (the dubiously talented lead on "Last Resort" and erstwhile "Felicity" heartthrob) was clearly divided along gender lines. So it gives me great pleasure to inform you that Dustin found me this link on Speedman's love life. Speedman's got a thing for co-worker's and the lovely Camille De Pazzis is no exception. (US Magazine)

In other celebrity gossip news, Olivia Wilde has moved in with Jason Sudeikis. Him? Really? (SF Gate)

Christopher Walken reading Honey Boo Boo is exactly as delightful as you'd imagine. Who's going to see Seven Psychopaths on Friday? All of you? Good. (Vulture)

The magnificent Persephone Magazine is celebrating their birthday. Head on over and check it out because they are rerunning all their very best articles. (Persephone)

Hanx-o-philes rejoice! Tom Hanks was on The Nerdist podcast this week and it was DELIGHTFUL. He talked space and sports and was, generally, the best of all possible guests. Have a listen and, also, check out the adorable letter he sent to The Nerdist crew when they requested he join them. (The High Definite)

The Big Picture has images of weddings from around the world today. A break from all the white meringue dresses is super refreshing. (The Big Picture)

Kristen Stewart called herself a miserable c*nt. Which is almost exactly what a stand-up comedian called me one time. ANYWAY, K-Stew was using the seaward in the British sense, I believe, which takes the edge off. (E Online)

Finally, eating cupcakes? You've been doing it wrong.

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  • WheresMrCookiepants?

    but that IS how I eat my cupcakes

  • MotoJ

    "She's went.."?

  • Quatermain

    I always find it somewhat ironic when magazines or TV shows do pieces on how 'The Media' is destroying this or that or the other thing. It always comes across as varying degrees of obtuse or oblivious, especially since these articles generally have a undercurrent of 'It's everybody else but us' to them.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    I'm not even going to pretend that I have anything edifying to say, but I do know that this is the place where you go when you need to say 'fuck cancer', so here I am. It's has taken another life--prematurely, just days after his 46th birthday and from his third bout of leukemia--in its talons and the lights of musical brilliance in scholarship, performance, arrangement, composition and general rabble rousing just got a bit dimmer. He was also just a really great guy to friends, colleagues, students, the community and family. So, Rest In Peace Dr. Michael Marcuzzi, thanks for all of the free scotch we drank and the poster graffiti exploits in which we engaged.

    That's all.

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Thanks. He had a good send off. The one that keeps me up to this day is the passing of my grandmother. You'd think they'd show some gratitude to the woman who picked up the slack for kids in the neighbourhood when their own useless parents didn't. Nope. Her assets became their assets, our money became their money, and they neglected her so fully for the last 20-odd years of her life (paralyzed by stroke) and it became apparent they were just waiting for her to die so they could play the Scramble for Jamaica with her land. Well, their spots in Hell are secure. She would have done well to not intervene , but rather to leave them to the nothingness of themselves.

    Hardest pill to swallow, a whole hell of a lot of people in my family have worked at nursing homes, I volunteered at one for a couple of years in high school, so it weighs on me.. Some hearts are pieces of garbage and need to be kicked into the gutter and fair is fair because anyone who abuses or neglects the elderly is several points below human.

  • ,

    So sorry, Jo Mama. Peace and love.

  • Shonda

    I am very sorry to hear this. My condolences. And yes, "fuck cancer."

  • Idle Primate

    in that header pic, does it seem like one side of her nose has had a stroke?

  • Quatermain

    She's also got her thumbs tucked into her fists, which is a great way to punch someone...if you want to break your thumbs.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Huh? Look again.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I was thinking she should've gone with "don't give a damn about my bad reputation."

  • Groundloop

    Whoa Whoa Whoa!! Back it up for second here people.

    Are y'all trying to tell me one is supposed to remove the little paper cup first?


  • BWeaves

    Hum, when I was little, in England, we called them fairycakes. There is no gentlemanly way to eat a fairycake.

  • BiblioGlow

    You know what....there are limits to how delightful a country can be and still be believable. England has breached those parameters. Stop it, England.

  • Snath

    So...the secret to eating cupcakes is sandwiches?

    Sandwiches win again!

  • KatSings
  • Bert_McGurt

    There's a method to eating a cupcake that DOESN'T involve just eating the whole thing at once? Well, to hell with that noise. That's for all you little-mouthed folks.

  • JenVegas

    annnnnd now i need a cupcake. brb.

  • Nadine

    What is the British sense of the c word? Does it mean something different to you yankee doodles?

  • Matt

    Why do people choose to be offended by this word or any word for that matter? And when a celebrity says it, that becomes a big deal? A lot of my closest female friends use that word far more often than I do. People need to stop taking things so damn seriously.

  • Guest

    No. But for some reason it's "less offensive" in Britain (mainly because it gets wider play, so folks there are.. de-sensitized, or at least some of them are). The taboo against it here makes it more pearl-clutchyish.

  • John G.

    that's "seaward" according to Joanna.

  • Nadine

    We're not so much desensitized. If it's used in anger, we're still as offended but...I think,...yeah I suppose I know more Brits who will use it in a joking way than Americans.

  • JoannaRobinson

    I think in the US it's specifically used as a very vile thing to say about a woman. So there is an added layer of misogyny laced into the word. In the British sense (as far as I can tell from, like, Guy Ritchie movies and such) it's used for both men and ladies and is more synonymous with "b*tch" or "bastard." It's less shocking, that's all I meant.

  • Nadine

    ooooooooooooh totally get you, yes.

  • Bell Swerve

    I'm a Brit and I'd say we use that word for men more than women so the opposite of you guys. My uncle use to refer to a man he hated as a 'see you next tuesday'. We also use the word tw@t much more freely (a combination of an idiot, a prat and an @rsehole). I think a lot of people wouldn't know of its anatomical origins.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Anyone who watched Misfits knows that. It's a very educational show.

    Thank you, Robert Sheehan.

  • John G.
  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    That's always relevant.

  • blacksred

    I just wanted to let the Pajibians know today is my 2nd wedding anniversary. Yes we got married in Jamaica on 10/10/10 at 10am

  • Green Lantern


  • PDamian

    Congrats. Is there some special significance to the date and time, or are you just into binary?

  • BWeaves

    42 / 2 It's the answer to life, the universe and everything, twice.

  • John G.

    You should celebrate only on 11/11/11, 12/12/12, 13/13/13, etc. It's like having an anniversary on the island from Lost

  • celery

    Pfft. I tear cupcakes into perhaps eight bite-sized bits and evenly distribute frosting. All my friends use the sandwich method.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I use a spoon.

    And I really, really want to marry in red now.

  • Jennings

    I've never seen the sandwich method before, but now I love it. This is as good an excuse as any to make cupcakes this weekend.

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