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The Effects of Vaginal Stimulation on Pain Tolerance

'Mozart in the Jungle': Two Days Until The Maestro Returns And All The Love In The World Returns With Him

A Note to Our Readers and Commenters as We Head into 2016

A Thorough Breakdown of the Worst Sex Advice In Cosmo History

Batting for Both Teams: What's the Deal with Bisexuals, Right?

Can First-Date Sex Lead to a Satisfying Relationship?

Casual Sex and What Slate Got Wrong about "Sexual Economics"

Damn Dirty Apes | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Dealing with the Sex-Drive Disparity In Your Relationship

Do Oral Contraceptives Affect Your Taste in Men?

Does the Size of Your Penis Affect the Frequency of STIs?

Doing It for the Right Reasons | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Exploring the Hymen: The Virginity Question Revisited

F*cking While F*cked Up | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Female Orgasms Revealed to be Evil Plot to Take Over the World | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Girls who Like Boys who Like Boys | Pajiba Dirty Talk

How Fatherhood Turns Men Into Ninnies

How Much Does Economics Really Explain about Sex?

How Often Do Men and Women Think About Sex?

I Don't Wanna Sound Like a Queer or Nothing, but I'd Kinda Like to Make Out with You Tonight | Pajiba Dirty Talk

I Joke About Sex Because it's Funny When You're Frightened | Pajiba Dirty Talk

I Really Have No Words | Pajiba Dirty Talk

In Dreams You're Mine | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Is There a Correlation Between the Shape of a Woman's Lips and Her Ability to Have an Orgasm? No, Jackass

It's All in Your Mind. Maybe | Paijba Dirty Talk

Look Ma, No Hands! | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Making a Game Out of Sex

Male Sex Buyers and Their Disturbing Attitudes about the Rights of Prostitutes

Men Have Complex Sex Drives Too, but Nobody Cares

More Highlights from the National Sex Survey (and Some Surprising Statistics on Anal Intercourse) | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Music Note Orgasm Maker

No Really, the Kids are Alright | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Oral Contraceptives: They'll Kill Your Libido and Your Men

Pajiba Dirty Talk: A Fascination with Feet

Pajiba Dirty Talk: A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Pajiba Dirty Talk: Don't Slow Down, You're Gonna Crash

Pajiba Dirty Talk: Feminism: It Ruined Everything, Even Sex

Pajiba Dirty Talk: Happy Belated Mother's Day

Pajiba Dirty Talk: Pseudo-Science Strikes Again

Pajiba Dirty Talk: Ribbed for Whose Pleasure?

Pajiba Dirty Talk: See, I Told You You're Normal

Pajiba Dirty Talk: Teens Know the Internet is Full of Lies, Damn Lies

Pajiba Dirty Talk: The Erotic Brain

Pajiba Dirty Talk: The Science Behind Clergy Sex Abuse

Pajiba Dirty Talk: Why I Don't Sleep with Strangers (Often)

Popcorn Girls | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Previously Unknown Benefit of Female Sex Toys Surfaces

Rape and Shades of Gray

Screw You, Valentine. I'll be Romantic when I Feel Like it | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Sex Talk: You Can Be Dirty without Being "Unclean"

Slippery When Wet | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Sorry, You're too Dumb to Have Sex

Studies Find Oral Sex, Boobs, Cause Cancer | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Study Says a Specific Subset of Couples Unable to Agree on Monogamy | Pajiba Dirty Talk

That So-Called Sexual Peak | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Celebration of Kink | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Cherry Myth | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Effect of Simultaneous Orgasms On Your Quality of Life

The Genetics of Female Orgasms

The Language of Making Love

The Latest Sex Study Finds that Dudes Like to Cuddle While Women Like Lots of Sex

The Literary Equivalent of "Jizzed My Pants" Is "Shed My Pleasure"

The Little Pink Pill | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Logistics of Sex in Spaaaaaace! | Pajiba (Geek) Dirty Talk

The Male G-Spot | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Mysteries of Female Ejaculation Explained | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Placebo Effect | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Porn Industry's Condom Problem | Pajiba Dirty Talk

The Problem with Defining "Sex"

The Question Is, Do Women Want Pictures of Penises Sent to Them?

The Science Behind Broken Penises

The Size Question | Pajiba Dirty Talk

There is Nothing About This That Doesn't Make Me Uncomfortable | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Virgins with Chlamydia | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Welcome to the Masturbatorium | Pajiba Dirty Talk

What Does Science Say About the Relationship between Finger Size and Penis Length?

What Your Neighbors are Doing in the Bedroom | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Whatever You Are, You're Normal | Pajiba Dirty Talk

When It Doesn't "Hurt so Good" | Pajiba Dirty Talk

Who's To Say That Love Needs to Be Soft and Gentle?

Won't Somebody Think of the Men? | Pajiba Dirty Talk

World Biggest Penis Holder Suffers Psychological Issues

Would You Let Significant Other Cheat On You for $1 Million?

You're Not a Slut, You're a Mutant | Pajiba Dirty Talk


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