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March 9, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Music | March 9, 2009 |

You like Prince? Metallica? Neither? No problem, you’ll still find some interesting stuff here. There’s more music news going on than you can swing a dead llama at. Trust me.

prince.jpgPrince announced last week that he will be selling his upcoming three disc set exclusively at Target for $11.99. That is all, since I know I probably opened a huge can of worms for some of you. Just know that I waited in line for eight hours two years ago in 95 degree heat so I could buy tickets to his First Avenue show. It was worth it getting to see him in all his Purple Rain glory and seeing “Controversy” live.

metallica3.jpgConsider this more Metallica news than you could ever possibly need… First, April 4th, the once great and now mediocre Metallica is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is pretty awesome. Those who frequent these parts know of my love of Metallica (well… pre 1991 Metallica, anyway), so I certainly think they’re deserving. In preparation for their induction, iTunes will release a digital boxed set of a whopping 163 tracks, their entire discography and then some. To top it off, they’re also gearing up for the release of Guitar Hero: Metallica, which will feature not only tracks by them, but also Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”, Social Distortion’s “Mommy’s Little Monster” as well as tracks by Corrosion of Conformity, Kyuss and Mastodon. Fucking hell yes I’m buying it. I downloaded a few Metallica tracks for Rock Band, and I can tell you two things: 1) Their shit is hard as fuck to play, and 2) There is nothing funnier than watching Mrs. TK try to sing her way through “Ride the Lightning”. So yes, 2009 appears to be The Year of Metallica. And with that in mind…


26472364-26472366-lthumbnail.jpgIt seems the new East Coast/West Coast battle is between Oklahoma (Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne) and Montreal (Arcade Fire’s frontman Win Butler). Get your gats out mofos!! According to Coyne, Edge from U2 and Justin Timberlake are fine and courteous fellows, whereas all the members of Arcade Fire are pompous and treat their fans like shit. You can find Butler’s response to Coyne’s dis on Arcade Fire’s website. All I really know is that both of these bands have provided me with two of the best shows I’ve ever seen, so let the verbal fisticuffs fly. Just don’t hurt each other.

jarvis.jpgAre people listening to Jarvis Cocker? His 2006 debut solo album, Jarvis, was pretty damn good. It was a hard hitting bit of brit-pop with some rock roots tossed in, and it still makes it’s way into my rotation. He pops up here and there — if you saw Children of Men (and shame on you if you didn’t), his song “Running the World” plays during the end credits. Well, good news, peeps — the second album by the former Pulp singer is finally coming out in May, and it’s being produced by the superfly Steve Albini (speaking of still in my rotation — Shellac? Still floors me. Rapeman? Less so). Nothing but awesome can come from this. What the hell, here’s a video for “Running the World.” Err… it’s somewhat NSFW.


woodstock.jpg2009 marks the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, and there is a possible two-day free concert in the works to honor it. All details are fuzzy right now, but rumors include holding one concert at a location in New York and another concert in Berlin, Germany. They also include inviting bands who played at the original Woodstock in 1969 to perform…um, I guess those that are still alive.

morello.jpgMore tour news! Tom Morello’s band, Street Sweepers (comprised of him and The Coup frontman Boots Riley), is joining the Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction tour. There is staggering potential in this tour, and I may well break my hiatus from stadium concerts for it. Speaking of Tom Morello — have you bought either of the Nightwatchman albums? If not, please explain yourself.

jacko.jpgMichael Jackson’s face never ceases to scare the shit out of me. Hopefully when he wreaks havoc on London’s O2 arena, he will keep that shit covered with a mask. Last Thursday Jackson announced in London that he will perform 10 concerts at the arena starting on July 8th, and that they will be his last. It’s not a secret that Jackson is short on cash after multiple lawsuits and the infamous child sexual abuse trial.
Now, I love the ghost of Michael Jackson past just as much as the next guy. But he jumped the shark for me when he starting co-starring in his videos with Magic Johnson and Macaulay Culkin. Remember the days when he was co-starring in videos with Paul McCartney instead?

Jackson currently looks more like Paul McCartney than his former self in this video. If you are one of those fans who still walks around with a sparkly glove on your hand and a replica of the red Thriller jacket, then tickets go on sale March 13.

Once again, here’s your Monday Afternoon Playlist of what we’re digging right now.

Felicia: I’m currently listening to Dan Auerbach’s new solo album Keep It Hid. Auerbach is also the frontman of The Black Keys. If you’re a fan of The Black Keys, you’ll be a fan of this album as well. “Mean Monsoon” has a classic rock feel, and that theme runs throughout the whole album.

TK: I’m in a smash-some-shit-and-scream (or as A Softer World once put it, “Fuck politics — I just want to burn shit down”) kind of mood, so I dug up 2007’s Midnight in America, by Modern Life is War. It’s an intense listen by a hardcore band with a renegade sound that ignores many of the conventions of the modern hardcore scene. I particularly like the gleefully nuttily titled “Night Shift at the Potato Factory.”

ShepRitz: “Buffalo Tears” — Gil Mantera’s Party Dream. If you’ve never heard of these guys, don’t be alarmed. They have been paving a small yet steady road of popularity via their crazy (and hilarious) live shows, thanks to the mesmerizing dancing of bass/vocoder singer Gil Mantera, and the random witty banter of his brother, singer/guitarist, Ultimate Donny. And then there is their catchy, in-your-face 80’s synth-dance party wall of sound. Their albums don’t do justice to their performances, so just YouTube them to get a clearer picture of what the Party Dream is all about (usually stripped down to 25% of their original clothing content). Also, check out “Elmo’s Wish” or “Emotion Road” I had a difficult time choosing just one song to represent them.

Christian: Destroyer, “Streethawk I” from Streethawk: A Seduction - I forgot to include a vote for this album on the “Best of the Aughts” list, mostly because I forgot it was from this decade. Destroyer’s wonderful musical blend of Ziggy Stardust and Neutral Milk Hotel is both entertaining and enlightening. This album is a destined cult classic, mostly because it’s modeled after classics of the past.

Boo: I’m listening to Garbage’s “You Look So Fine (Version 2.0).” There aren’t many times when I DON’T want to hear Shirley Manson’s voice, and this song is so lovely, wistful, lonely, and a bit heavy. The perfect balance for my late-winter early-spring re-emergence. “I won’t fake it like the other girls.” BEST. LINE. EVER.

Caspar: At the moment, I really love this song by David Kitt — it’s called ‘Another Love Song’, and it’s so, so pretty. It’s just a really simple song, and I’ll probably get sick of it in about three days’ time, but at the moment I just love the lilting melody and the lo-fi sound. Also, I think that’s his kid brother doing harmonies during the chorus, which is so cute it makes me do a happy puke.

Chris: “Familiar Light” by Asobi Seksu, from Hush. If there’s such thing as the perfect guitar sound, this band has found it. Powerful, ethereal, and gorgeous - it’s an atmospheric smorgasbord of outer space energy. There’s also a celestial voice in the mix that deserves all of those adjectives as well. With so much beauty jampacked into every instrument, I’m sure I’ll be listening to this one over and over again, trying to absorb it all.

As for the Billboard charts… Thanks to you worthless, ineffectual layabouts, the demon slut queen Taylor Swift remains at the top (number 2? Wrath, by Lamb of God. I shit you not). Swift also going to be in an upcoming episode of “CSI: Ithaca” (or some dumb shit). Will you do nothing? Will you simply sit there, slack jaws agape as she corrupts the world and devours our young? I hate you all.

TK and Felicia are still rocking this shit. And they don’t particularly like your fucking attitude.

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Music | March 9, 2009 |

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