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February 10, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Music | February 10, 2009 |

Greetings, slaves, masters and lowly dogs. Welcome back to another edition of Music News.

lux.jpgLet’s get the bad news out of the way first: Lux Interior, lead singer of one of the craziest motherfucking bands ever, The Cramps, died from a pre-existing heart condition last Wednesday. The Cramps, pioneers in the late 70’s punk scene, were staples of my youth and a major piece of punk rock history. Lux (real name Erick Lee Purkhiser), was a wild man on stage, a lanky, gaunt, pale visage clad in skintight black most of the time. The band, known for their crazed stage antics, twisted lyrics and bizarre song titles (“Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” is perhaps the most well-known), was one of the first psychobilly/surf-punk/horror-punk bands (Think The Reverend Horton Heat meets Iggy Pop meets… The Misfits, maybe?), and Lux is surely missed. So with that said, for you youngins, here’s a little taste of Cramps-style sweetness:

Rest In Peace, you goddamn lunatic.

coachella.jpgLineups for this year’s summer festivals are starting to trickle in, starting with Coachella and Bonnaroo announced this past week. Headliners for Coachella include Paul McCartney, The Killers (only God knows why) and The Cure. A surprise to this year’s lineup includes Amy Winehouse, who is currently enjoying a bizarre vacation in St. Lucia. Unknown if she will even show up; the most surprising performance I saw of hers was Lollapalooza 2007 when she put on a straight laced show with no drunken antics whatsoever. Other punch-yourself-in-the-face-if-you-miss-them acts at Coachella this year are Minneapolis’s Cloud Cult and experimental punk band Glass Candy.

bonnaroo.jpgAs for the hippie-fest that is Bonnaroo, headliners include Bruce Springsteen, Phish (ed. note: Christ, how I loathe that hippie-dippy bullshit band. And I’m sure a mess of you will leap to their defense, and let me say right now: I don’t want to fucking hear it. Yes, they’re all very talented musically. I just think they suck. Let’s part amicably, shall we? —TK) and The Beastie Boys. As much as I hate camping and people that live for hackey sacking, Bonnaroo’s line-up outshines Coachella. Other acts that prove this line-up is better include Snoop Dogg, Jenny Lewis, Animal Collective (Jez’s new favorite band), Al Green, The Mars Volta, Erykah Badu (fresh off a Twittered child birth) and former Polyphonic Spree member Annie Clark, who performs under the stage name St. Vincent.

Both festivals are offering payment plans for those of us affected by this thing called being poor. Event planners are worried about low turnout due to the economy, and I think they also realized that charging $250 plus travel and food expenses is like raping our bank accounts. And if I hear, “Well you know, in today’s economy…” one more time…

(ed. note: Wait… Did someone say Al Green? Awww, shit!)

Moving on.

cursive.jpgThere are some seriously badass albums to look forward to this year. In addition to those mentioned by our own Caspar Salmon, you can also look forward to new albums by the Silversun Pickups as well as two of my personal favorites, Cursive and Thursday. I’ve devoted more than enough time to singing the praises of Cursive, but be on the look out for Mama, I’m Swollen, which comes out in March — you can bet your ass I’ll be reviewing it. Thursday is a bit of a guilty pleasure — a talented, heavy emo band with lyrics that are a little too earnest at times. Nonetheless, Common Existence is something to look forward to come February 17th.

prince.jpgPrince is gearing up to release three new albums this year by launching a new website Lotusflow3r. All three albums will be available through this website. A launch party held at Prince’s L.A. mansion, my invitation to which I’m sure was lost in the mail, unveiled future plans for the now ominous website. There will be a feature on the site where fans can pay to gain access to lyrics, photos and videos, which Prince currently makes damn sure are taken down from YouTube immediately via his magical small man powers. Right now, there are three new tracks available for free listening, “Colonized Mind,” “Discojellyfish,” and “Another Boy” which I believe features his new protege, Bria Valente.

bonjovi2.jpgMore weird tour news: Bon Jovi is set to appear at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Yeah, because when I think “Jazz Festival,” I think “You Give Love A Bad Name.” Sheesh. But then again, it’s barely a jazz fest anymore anyway. Other acts include Wilco, Kings of Leon, Sugarland, Wynton Marsalis, Aretha Franklin and a favorite of mine, Jez’s and the Bucdaddy’s, The Drive-By Truckers. So get thee to New Orleans on May 2nd, people.

I don’t know why I think I have any right to make fun — I just bought tickets to see a band called Goblin Cock. No, really. Warship, who released one of my favorite albums from last year, is opening for them. So if you’re in the Boston area and don’t mind deafening hardcore and weird D & D rock, I’ll be at Harpers Ferry on Friday night.

By the way — had this headline on their site: Aubrey O’Day Blogs About Danity Kane Split. I literally do not understand anything about that sentence. Is it me? Or is it MTV? Someone help me out here. Actually, never mind. I’m probably better off not knowing. Needless to say, I didn’t click on the link, but I feel you all should know these things.

fuckticketmaster.jpgTicketmaster offered Bruce Springsteen an “I’m sowwy” for practically scamming the honest public out of hundreds of dollars. Fans who tried to purchase tickets for Springteen’s upcoming spring tour, Working On A Dream, on the company’s website were redirected to TicketsNow where the prices were grossly inflated. As if paying an additional $15.00 in Ticketmaster fees wasn’t enough, right? Other than the apology, Ticketmaster also offered to refund ticket buyers the difference between the TicketsNow and face value prices. To me that’s sort of like saying, “I admit I stole $500 from you, and here’s $5.00 in return. Me sowwy.”

Here’s this week’s Monday Afternoon Mixtape (Tuesday Edition) of what we’re currently listening to. Hope you find something you enjoy.

Felicia: I’m currently listening to Muse’s Absolution - “Stockholm Syndrome.” Even though this was released in 2003 I still love the mix of rock and Matthew Bellamy’s falsetto, especially on “Stockholm Syndrome.”

Jez: “Halloweenhead” by Ryan Adams from Easy Tiger. I was revising a training package at work on Friday when this started up on my iPod. I had to grab the iPod to check who it was. This album has been on my iPod for a while, and I thought it was just okay, nothing outstanding. I noted on a Post-it to put this song on Saturday’s brew songlist. Never got around to making that list as I brewed at a friend’s on Friday, and started brewing around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday. Instead, I decided to listen to the whole album, and I have to say, I think this could become a new favorite album of mine.

Christian: “Conquest,” by Tapes ‘n Tapes, off of Walk It Off - In preperation for seeing them live Friday night (a totally awesome show, btw, despite all the drunks), I’ve been blasting their latest album, which I think was very underrated by the music press last year.

ShepRitz: “Good Friend” by The Violent Femmes. Sorting through the songs on Blind Leading the Naked, their efforts here tend to fall into either crap or brilliance. Their hit “I Held Her In My Arms” appears here, as does my all-time favorite Femmes song; “Special.” However, so do the cring-able religious disasters “Faith” and “Love & Me Make Three.” Going back to the album for the first time in years, the emotion and simplicity of “Good Friend” caught my ear. It is a great catchy folk-pop song that is fun to sing along with in the car, and it carries with it an honest, yet sad message of coping with a disintagrated friendship.

Chris P.: “Turn Cold” by Cut Off Your Hands from You & I: Super jangly indie pop that is so infectious and bubbling with energy you’ll forgive it for being mildly redundant. Hey, if you’re going to rip off a vocal melody from anyone, it should probably be Morrissey.

Boo: I’m listening to Nina Simone’s “Suzanne” from Blue For You: The Very Best of Nina Simone. In anticipation of a few articles I’m doing for this week, I’ve been listening to A LOT of some of my favorite singers, Nina Simone being if not my favorite, at least one of the top three. This cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” reminds me of driving around in the late afternoon on a hot summer day, a slight buzz on from a few afternoon beers, and—in my more illegal days—a joint in hand. God, is she amazing or what? (I named my keyboard Nina. I know; I hate myself for you.)

Sean: “Spinning,” by Jack’s Mannequin from the album The Glass Passenger. A pretty decent song, but the album didn’t really hold my attention. It starts alright and blandly progresses toward a solid “meh.” Most of it sounds recycled from better bands’ catalogs.

Caspar: I’ve been listening to The Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session. It’s so haunting and atmospheric, with a wonderful set of covers and original songs. I especially love “Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)”, with its brilliant interpolation of the old croooner standard.

TK: Pretty Girls Make Graves, The New Romance. Jangly, discordant guitars are one of my favorite things, and arty punk rockers PGMG do it splendidly, particularly on this track, “The Teeth Collector.” Coupled with Andrea Zollo’s wicked vocals (“the tooth is rotten, yank it out / your words are cancer in my mouth / this captain’s ship is going down”), re-discovering this album from 2003 has been an intense, enjoyable experience.

Finally, Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” is number one on the charts this week. While it’s a horribly sophomoric title, at least she’s an improvement over Taylor Swift, who dropped to number five. Suck it, Taylor.

TK and Felicia have recently joined forces to rule the universe and rock your faces off. Do not look directly at them, or your ass will catch fire.

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Music News / TK & Felicia

Music | February 10, 2009 |

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