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February 2, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Music | February 2, 2009 |

Welcome to the new home for Music News. Every Monday we’ll be running the latest and not-always-greatest-actually-sometimes-awful news about the music world. Read, or die.

iver.jpgLet’s start off with some crap about you, fair readers. You may remember a couple of weeks ago, we talked about our top five favorite albums of 2008. It got a great (and incredibly diverse) response. Well, I’ve tallied them all together (ignoring the cheaters who posted more than once, all runner-up entries, and those of you who just don’t know how to follow simple fucking instructions), and here are the five most popular ones, in order.

5 — Santogold: Santogold
4 — Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes
3 — TV On The Radio: Dear Science
2 — Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: Original Soundtrack
1 — Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago

Congrats to Bon Iver — the Pajibites have spoken and they dig you. I confess that I’m still not feeling TV On The Radio, but hey — you’re all entitled to your opinions, even if they’re wrong.

On to the news!

CannibalCorpse.jpgLast time around, I talked about the ridiculously awesome Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta. Well, there’s another awesome metal/hardcore/choose your label concert coming — the horribly named Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, in Sacramento. Of course it would be on the other side of the goddamn country. Click here for details, but the freak-o/awesome lineup includes:

Marilyn Manson
Bullet For My Valentine
All That Remains
Cannibal Corpse
Job For A Cowboy
Black Dahlia Murder

But… fuckin’ Cannibal Corpse, people. Again, I demand that one of you attend and report back to me. DO NOT DISOBEY ME.

The Greatest Video Ever Made, No, Really, I Mean It:


clarkson1.jpgThe original American Idol Kelly Clarkson currently holds the number one spot on the top iTunes song downloads with her new single “My Life Would Suck Without You.” A better and more relateable title for me would have been, “My Life Sucks Regardless of Who Is Currently Fucking It Up.” I have to admit I kind of secretly like Clarkson, but then again she shares the iTunes top ten with such abominations as The Pussycat Dolls and Jason Mraz. Scott Stapp lying in a puddle of Chad Kroger’s vomit would look good next to those two. Wait, that might be going too far. Chris Daughtry lying in a puddle of Chad Kroger’s vomit would look good next to those two. Yes, that’s better.

I will be satisfied the day people start buying even slightly better music. I also will be satisfied the day iTunes stops suggesting I buy a Smash Mouth album. Where the fuck did they draw that connection with my music-buying habits? I am thoroughly offended and I think we need to break up. Don’t call me iTunes, I’ll call you.

radiohead245.jpgThis year The Grammys are going to attempt to not bore the shit out of its viewers by featuring performances by Radiohead, Paul McCartney and Kanye West. These performances will be nice breaks between the industry kissing the asses of horrible musicians. Unfortunately this is the same stage that will be raped by Kenny Chesney and The Jonas Brothers on the same night. Let’s all make sure we say a little prayer for Kanye’s Auto-Tuner. All hail Radiohead!!! (ed. note: U2 and Kid Rock have just been added as well. This thing is gonna be like five hours long — and I’ll be real-time reviewing it. Why? Because I hate myself.—TK) The Grammys air on CBS February 8.

Three words that will make you beg for death — “Thriller”: The Musical. I shit you not.

pjharvey1.jpgMaybe in a way to make it up to us, the universe’s response is to give us a Broadway play scored by PJ Harvey. Harvey wrote the music for the revival of Ibsen’s play, Hedda Gabler, which stars Mary-Louise Parker and opened January 25, 2009.

Anyone watch the Super Bowl last night? I gotta say, Springsteen? I love the guy but… meh. And that little back and forth between him and Silvio Dante was so painfully and awkwardly forced that it just made me want to look away. However, the part when Springsteen inadvertently teabagged a camera was quite the highlight. I mean, it’s not Janet Jackson level, but it made it at least amusing.

metric.jpgIn indie rock news and news that actually makes me happy, Canadian band Metric is following in the footsteps of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails and self-releasing a new album via their website, I Love Metric, on March 2, 2009. Here is the new single called, “Help I’m Alive.”


In case anyone is curious, here’s a Monday Afternoon Mixtape of what we’re currently listening to:

Felicia: Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes. Yet another indie Canadian band that I am falling in love with. Check out the single “Some Are Lakes.”

TK: Coldcut’s True Skool, from 2006’s absolutely fucking brilliant Sound Mirrors. It’s got it all — ass-bumpin’ percussion, great sampling, and the phenomenal Roots Manuva proclaiming, “Pump your fist and stamp your footsie / If you can’t dance just wiggle your tootsie.”

Christian: Mason Proper, Olly Oxen Free. Somehow I missed this band last year, but I’m definitely glad to have found them now! Check out the video for “Lock and Key” on YouTube (it’s awesome)!

Boo: I’m listening to MGMT, “Electric Feel” from Oracular Spectacular. I shake the booty. It’s either the head band or the booty band, you know. Help me. I’m sincerely addicted.

Chris: “Chasing Ghosts” by Snob Scrilla from The Day Before… A hip hop song about money. Big surprise, until you realize it’s about donating said mad cash to charity. It’s got a scrumptiously angsty hook to boot, making its unique rhyming call for philanthropy that much more satisfying.

ShepRitz: “Save It for Later” on 1992’s Special Beat Service, by The English Beat. A fantastic pop song from the former ska-masters featuring one of the best anticipation-and-delivery chorus hooks and a light dash of brass to add that extra zing. AND they still play out live: Philly tomorrow, in fact.

Sean.: The Break and Repair Method’s “Forget About the Brightside”, off of Milk The Bee. Breezy, piano-based pop record from the former drummer of Matchbox Twenty; so good it makes Rob Thomas look like more of a douchebag.

Caspar: Furr, by Blitzen Trapper. “Lady On The Water” takes a beautiful Dylanesque ballad and adds all sorts of wobbly synthetic sounds. Great modern Americana.

Jez: “A Ghost to Most” by The Drive-By Truckers, off of Brighter Than Creations Dark. There are a lot of great songs on this album, but this is the first song by Cooley to actually draw tears from me. I don’t know what the hell this song is even about, but there are a lot of personal meanings to me, and a lot of crushing sadness in this one that also makes me feel hopeful. “Skeletons ain’t got nowhere to stick their money.”

That about wraps things up, folks. Oh, a couple more things: Taylor Swift’s Fearless is yet again number one on the charts, Britney Spears’ Circus still sucks rotten donkey dick, and God has clearly abandoned us.

TK and Felicia have recently joined forces to rule the universe and rock your faces off. Do not look directly at them, or your eyes will boil in their sockets.

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Music News / TK & Felicia

Music | February 2, 2009 |

TK Burton is the Editorial Director. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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