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January 22, 2009 |

By TK Burton | Music | January 22, 2009 |

OK, so it’s been like a million years since we had Music News. Cram it. I’m bringing it back, and we’ll be running it every other week from here on out. Now shut your cakehole and get to reading!

Taylor Swift’s Fearless has been #1 on Billboard’s charts for seven consecutive weeks. Seven. Straight. Weeks. In other news, I hate the world and everyone in it. What kind of a universe is this, anyway? Well, I’ll tell you: A universe filled with vast and relentless quantities of suck.

stefani.jpgIn Horrendously Awful Tour News: No Doubt is touring with Paramore. Seriously, Gwen Stefani, what is going on with you, girl? You used to be this kinda cool, kinda rowdy punk/ska chick, and now you’re all hip-hop shitty shitty pop star? Fuck you. And Paramore? You’re that crapass tweener wannabe gothy metaly band on the Twilight soundtrack, correct? BEGONE!

yusuf.jpgOh, so now it’s just Yusuf? Seriously, The Artist Formerly Known As Cat Stevens has had more friggin’ name changes than Diddy. Anyway, Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam Yusuf is putting together a new album. I actually own the last one, Cup, and while it’s no Harold and Maude (one of this life’s great, brilliant soundtracks), it wasn’t too bad. For this one, he’s gathering some stars together. Like… Dolly Parton! And Paul McCartney! And Lemmy!

OK, one of those isn’t true. But how awesome would it be? I’m of the mind that EVERYTHING would be more awesome with more Lemmy.

SaturdaysYouth.jpgI believe we can thank guys like Trent Reznor for stuff like this. M83, a favorite of Pajiba Music writer Chris Polley (read his excellent review here), is having a contest on Youtube, encouraging fans to create a video for their song, “We Own The Sky.” Personally, I love that bands do stuff like this — getting fans involved in a more interactive way is pretty damn cool. I’m sure some of them will be film school drivel, some of them will be pretentious twaddle, but it’s still pretty sweet. Check out the entries here

scion.jpgIt was brought to my attention in the comments for yesterday’s Golden Age of Metal post… possibly the most bitchin’ concert of 2009: The Scion Rock Fest. Check this badass lineup:

High on Fire
Wolves in the Throne Room

Just to name a few. You don’t walk out of a show like that, you stagger out. Oh, and that sound you hear? That’s Boo spontaneously eargasming. Get thee to Atlanta, metalheads, and report back to me. I DEMAND IT. And because I can, MASTODON (if you’re scared of clowns, I’m begging you to watch this):

Anyway, where were we?

nickdrake.jpgTribute albums are popping up left and right. Seriously, the musical landscape has been lousy with ‘em these last couple of years. However, this is one that I’m genuinely intrigued by: A Nick Drake tribute album. For those who don’t know, Drake was an English singer/songwriter from late 60’s/early 70’s who died from an overdose of antidepressants. He is known some gorgeous, delicate songs, featuring his gentle murmuring voice, intricate guitar work, and scattered piano. You may have heard “Pink Moon” in a Volkswagon commercial a few years ago. Anyway, Norah Jones, Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl and others are working on the album, and I have to say — I’m thrilled for it.

And finally, our most interesting tidbit of the day: Britney Spears’s Circus is still an absolutely fucking horrible record.

TK can be found wandering aimlessly through suburban Massachusetts, wondering how the hell he got there while yelling at the kids on his lawn. You can find him raising the dead in preparation for world domination over at Uncooked Meat.

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Music | January 22, 2009 |

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