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'Hamilton' Cast Remains Perfect, Tickets Remain Unavailable

'Hamilton' Celebrations By Fans Who Aren't Willing to Wait For It

'Steven Universe' FINALLY Promises Fans A Soundtrack

11 Worst Music Artists of the Aughts

20 Years Ago Today, This Song Was Number One. Ay Dios Mio.

20 Years Ago Today, This was the Number One Song in America. Never Forget What You Did.

2009 Anticipated Releases Part 1

2009 Anticipated Releases Part 2

2009 Anticipated Releases, Part 3

2017 Eurovision Song Contest

6 TV Theme Songs That Were Played on the Shows

7 Movie Soundtracks That Deserved So Much Better Than Their Films

8 Songs Inextricably Tied To 90s Teen Horror Flicks

A Colbert Christmas

A Jazz Primer

A Realtime Meltdown Reaction to the Horrific New 'Ghostbusters' Theme Song

A Too Little Too Late Farewell To Glenn Frey

Adele is Queen of YouTube, Demands All Your Tears as Tribute

Alexa Woodward - Speck Review

All Your Favorite Stars Sing Adele's "Hello" In This Smashing Mash-Up

Androgyny and Music

Animal Collective Review

Ansel Elgort Edges Ahead of Miles Teller in Douche-lympics

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug Review

Armin Van Buuren - A State of Trance Review

Asher Roth Concert Review

Assigning Campaign Songs For This Year's Republican And Democrat Presidential Hopefuls

Bands That Died Too Young

Bands That Like to Play Dress-Up

Bands That Need To Stop

Bands That Still Have The Benefit of the Doubt

Ben Folds Presents University A Cappella! Review

Ben Folds on the Demise of Ben Folds Five

Best U2 Songs

Betsy, Britain's Next Musical Smash, is a Welsh Goose Girl Taking Flight.

Beyoncé Cuts Loose, Releases New Video, Remains Flawless

Billboard's Top Ten Albums

Billy Talent - Billy Talent III Review

Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. Review

Blackness isn't a Fashion Statement, Miley

Bob Dylan Together Through Life Review

British Rapper Akala Is Exactly Who We Need In The Era Of Trump

Britney Spears Circus Review

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake Might Collaborate--Let's Look Back at their Beautiful Ridiculous Love

Budding Film Composers

Bummer X-Mas: The Horrible Stories Behind Your Favorite Christmas Songs

Butterfly Boucher - Scary Fragile Review

Cadillac Records Soundtrack Review

Carrie Fisher And Paul Simon Were A Great Terrible-Couple

Cass McCombs - Catacombs Review

Changes: What I Learned From Listening To Every David Bowie Album

Chinese Democracy Review

Christian Hansen & The Autistics - Power Leopard Review

Christmas Songs: The Best, The Worst and the Oh Dear Lord It'll Never Go Away

Citizen Cope Retrospective

Clutch - Strange Cousins From the West Review

Cobra Starship - Hot Mess Review

Colbie Caillat Likes You For You

Comfort Food Entertainment: It's Like Bananas Foster Gelato For Your Senses

Conor Oberst - Outer South Review

Could DNCE's 'Kissing Strangers' be the 2017's Summer Earworm?

Country Music Almost Killed Me

Country Music From Across The Pond

CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Vol. 1 Review

Dave Grohl Puts Himself Into the Race for Best Chris...and Is Winning

Dave Grohl Rocks So Hard He Breaks a Bone and Keeps Rocking

David Bowie Had Died, and the World Now Makes Far Less Sense

Dear NFL: F*ck You, Pay Artists

Decemberists Hazards of Love Review

Depeche Mode Concert Review

Did Lin-Manuel Miranda Sneak a Reference to His Favorite Podcast Into the Hamilton Grammy Performance?

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca Review

Do You Like to Watch?

Dr. Horrible Soundtrack Review

Dr.Dre to End 16-Year Long Dre Drought with 'Straight Outta Compton' Soundtrack

Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings Review

Drug Songs Playlist

Eminem - Relapse Review

Et tu, Slayer?!?! Get F*cked, Slayer?!?!

Everything To Know About Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video

Fall Out Boy Folie A Deux Review

Fantastic Earworms and Where to Find Them: A Pajiba Comment Diversion

Fastball Review

Favorite Closing Tracks

Favorite Discoveries Day 1

Favorite Discoveries Day 2

Favorite Discoveries Part 3

Favorite Guitar Solos

Favorite Opening Tracks

Favorite Record Labels Part 3

Favorite Record Labels, Part 1

Favorite Record Labels, Part 2

Freeland - Cope Review

Funeral Songs

GIF Reaction: The Asshats Of "Black Pussy" Defend Their Band Name

Game Time: Guess Which '90s Band Is Having A Comeback Moment

Gene Dante & The Future Starlets Review

Gene Simmons Thinks Rap Has No Place in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. Here Are Its Most Rockin' Inductees

George Micheal Has Passed Away At 53

Glam Metal Rocks So Hard It Can Get You Pregnant

Goodbye Playlist

Grammy Nominations 2008

Grammys Real Time Review

Green Day Delivers A Powerful Protest Anthem In Time For The Inauguration

Green Day Launches Into an Anti-Trump Chant During the American Music Awards

Grizzly Bear -- Veckatimest

Here's a List of Men Accused of Assault Whose Careers Turned Out Just Fine

Hidden Treasure - Carly Rae Jepsen's "Cut To The Feeling"

Hottest Children of Glam Metal Stars

How the Internet Tricked You Into Believing Lady Gaga Made a $25 Million Dollar Mistake

How the Music Video Survived the Death of Music Video Television

I Need That Record! Review

IAMX - Kingdom of Welcome Addiction Review

Imogen Heap - Ellipse Review

In This Life, You're On Your Own: Prince is Dead at 57

International Travel and Tribalism and A Playlist To Just Shrug It All Off and Dance

Is Dr. Luke Goin' Down? We're Yelling TIMBER!

Is Lucious Lyons the First Rapper to Drop a Single From Prison?

Jack White's Interactive Music Video May Melt Your Mind

Jarvis Cocker - Further Complications Review

Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison

Kelly Clarkson All I Ever Wanted Review

Kings of Leon Concert Review

Kristen Bell Lip Sync's To Sia For 'Santa's Coming For Us' Video

Kristen Stewart's Rolling Stones Video is Old-School Sexy AF

Last Surviving Member of the Original Ramones Dies

Leslie Odom, Jr. Will Heal this Nation with Some Christmas Spirit

Let the #1 Song In Italy Stoke Your Wanderlust

Lily Allen Review

Liveblogging the 2016 Grammys: The Awards Show that Openly Hates Being an Awards Show

Living Colour Retrospective

Lollapallooza 2009 Review

Mainline Lin-Manuel Miranda With The 'Moana' Soundtrack On Spotify

Marilyn Manson - The High End of Low Review

Mayhem Festival Review

Maylene & The Sons of Disaster - III Review

Meet Alexandra Patsavas, The Woman Who Soundtracked Your Favorite TV

Micachu Review

Missy Elliot Won the Super Bowl

Mos Def - The Ecstatic Review

Mover Review

Music Mid-Year Review

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Music News 02/02/09

Music News 02/10/09

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Music Video Roundup 5/12/09

Music Video Roundup 5/19/09

Music Videos That Failed Miserably In Their Quest To Be Harbingers Of Sexy Times

My Favorite Instrumentals

My Parents Car

Next Year's Music

Now That's What I Call Protest and Political Music: 90s Edition!

On This Day 15 Years Ago, Earworm History Was Made

Open Mike: What Is the Difference Between a Mixtape and a Playlist?

Original Guns N Roses Line-Up Set To Reunite, Gouge Your Wallet

Our Last Word on Michael Jackson

P.O.S. Never Better Review

Pajiba Music Announcement

Pajiba Music Goodbye Playlist

Pajiba Projects a Surprising Winner as Next President of the United States

Patterson Hood - Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs) Review

Pavement Review

Peaches I Feel Cream Review

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Review

Pianists Everyone Can Appreciate

Pope Francis is Apparently a Patti Smith Fan

Prince Now Setting Out to Conquer Books

Probably The Greatest Video Game Theme Tune Of All Time

Psy Returns With The Dadbod Anthem No One Asked For

Pump Up The Volume Review

R.I.P. Chris Cornell

R.I.P. Leonard Cohen

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Race and Gender in Music

Radio Moscow Brain Cycles Review

Radiohead Disappear Themselves From The Internet

Real or Fake? Who the F**k Cares? Get Over Yourself | Christina Hendricks 1999 "Playboy" Photos Surface

Regina Spektor - Far Review

Religion and Music

Rest In Noise, Lemmy Kilmister. 1945-2015

Rolling Stone List

Roots Picnic Recap

RuPaul's Drag Race Stars Have Us Gagging On Eleganza With New Christmas Anthem

Ryan Adams' 1989: Five Other Artists Some Sad Bastard Should Cover

SXSW Music

Science Has Determined The World's Most "Feel-Good" Jam

Shazam Reveals Which Songs Get The Most "What The H*ll Is This?" Responses

Sia Makes It Weird On 'Ellen' With "Elastic Heart" Performance

Singing In Tongues

Smolder Alert! Check Out Three New Songs From The Live-Action 'Tangled: The Musical'

So, Harry Styles Is Kind of Great

Solid Gold Review

Someone Dared To Cover Beyoncé's "Sorry," And...It's Pretty Rad

Son Volt - American Central Dust Review

Songs To Play When You Hunka Chunka With Your Valentine This Weekend

Soundtrack of 2016

Southern Rock

Speech Debelle - Speech Therapy Review

Spring Break Live Reviews

St. Patrick's Day Playlist

Stare at Cate Blanchett's Face in the New Massive Attack Video

Street Sweeper Social Club Review

Susan Boyle Loses "'Britain's Got Talent"

Taylor Swift Is Team Arya, Obviously

Taylor Swift and Her Amazing Technicolor Bullsh-t

Taylor Swift's Next Unescapable Hit Comes Courtesy Of Screeching Comedian Billy Eichner

Ted Leo and Ween

Telefon Tel Aviv

The 'Happy Birthday' Copyright Is Nonsense

The 10 Best Hair Band Videos

The 10 Best Music Videos of the 80s

The A's

The Appleseed Cast

The Best Halloween Album You've Never Heard

The Best Record Labels Volume 5

The Best Record Labels, Volume 4

The Best Scenes Featuring David Bowie Songs

The Best Tribute Albums

The Business of Pop Music, and The Women Who Are Dominating It

The Dark Age of Metal

The Darkness is Nigh. The End is Near. Ark Music Factory Strikes Again.

The Dodos - Time To Die Review

The Foo Fighters are Masters at Counter-Trolling Westboro Baptist Church

The Galavant Cast Album You've Asked For Has Arrived...Almost

The Golden Age of Metal

The Hip Hop Defense Playlist

The Killers Day and Age Review

The Magical Christmas Songs of 1990's Pop Stars

The Mars Volta - Octahedron Review

The Musical Career Of 'Game of Thrones' Jacob Anderson/Grey Worm

The Overlords Discuss Loving Songs From Genres They Generally Hate

The Prodigy Invaders Must Die Review

The Saddest Christmas Songs

The Song Of The Summer Is About Popcorn And Befriending A Corpse

The Top Ten Pansy White Boy Bands

The Tyranny of Off-Brand Happy Birthday Songs Will Soon Come to an End

The Wu-Tang Clan, Bill Murray, Martin Shkreli: The Story Of A Future Heist

The Year In Review Part 1

The Year In Review Part 2

The Year In Review Part 3

The Year In Review Part 4

The Year In Review Part 5

The Year In Review Part 6

The Year In Review Part 7

They're Gonna be Bigger than Yeezus

This Real Life Scooby Gang Tracked Down and Helped Return a Stolen Newborn Baby

This Song is Tight as Sh*t, But More Importantly, the Video - A Bonkers Microcosm Of The Election - is Fantastic

This Week's Been Rough, Let's Jam Out Together To Tegan And Sara's 'Boyfriend'

Three Music DVDs

Today Is Riot Grrrl Day, Thanks To Kathleen Hanna

Today's Best Young Drummers

Tom Hanks Really Really Really Likes You

Tonight Franz Ferdinand Review

Top 10 Songs by Terrible Singers Saying "I Love You"

Top 100 One Hit Wonders of the 80's

Top Twenty Musicians Who Decided To Become Actors

Two Songs Released From 'The Last Five Years' Soundtrack

U2 No Line on the Horizon Review

Underappreciated Musical Masterpieces: 'Blast Tyrant' by Clutch

Vacation Playlist

Video Roundup 05/05/09

We Can Tell How Smart (or Dumb) You Are Based On Your Favorite Band Now

Wednesday Music Reviews

Wednesday Music Reviews 05/13/09

Wednesday Music Reviews 11/19/08

What Music Have You Lived With?

What Pop Culture Cheers You Up Without Fail?

What Were All The Songs in 'American Horror Story: Hotel's' Premiere

What's Worth Knowing About 'Hamilton'?

When Only Douchebags Pay for Art, All Art Will Be Made for Douchebags

Which Bob Dylan Song and Album Means The Most to You and Why?

Wilco The Album Review

Witness The Feminist Remix Of Drake's Misogynistic "Hotline Bling"

Year Long Disaster Review

Young Thug's Music Video for 'Wyclef Jean'

Your Post Election Recovery Playlist

fun. - Aim & Ignite Review