You Can Never Unfeel the Absolute Stunning Perfection That Is #HamOfThrones

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | May 25, 2016 |


If the complaints of the internet are to be believed, most of us reached our crossover saturation point a while back. So no one would blame you if you heard that #HamofThrones, a mashup of Game of Thrones and Hamilton, took over the internet tonight, and you didn’t care. Yes, no one would blame you. But I can assure you that YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG. These Hamilton lyrics over GoT screengrabs and GIFs are more perfect than they have any right to be. I’ve done a bunch of these Twitter roundup things, and I’ve honestly never seen one that was so consistently spot-fucking-on.

Lin-Manuel Miranda himself kicked things off.

And oh wow did people get in on this game fast. Some entries were devastating.

(Even with a changed lyric)

Some were hilarious.

Most were just too perfect.

(Yes, I included my own tweet, what of it? I’m a damn delight.)

Like, so perfect it’s now hard to remember that these characters weren’t the ones to actually say these words.

The Tormund/Brienne shippers had a goddamn field day.

However, I think our very own Genevieve takes first prize for cross-over devastation.


And with that, Miranda and Alex Lacamoire bid us goodnight.

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