William H. Macy Nearly Arrested For Inhabiting His Role Too Well

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William H. Macy Nearly Arrested For Inhabiting His Role Too Well

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | March 13, 2014 | Comments ()


William H. Macy turns 64 today, and he’s been very well preserved, except for when he plays Frank Gallagher on Shameless. If you’re not watching Shameless, 1) you should be, it’s amazing, and 2) this is what Macy’s character looks like:


The photo above is actually on a good day. Lately, as his character succumbs to liver failure (and hopefully dies), he’s been looking even worse for wear, which is why he was nearly arrested in Chicago the other day after being mistaken for a vagrant.

“During an outdoor location shoot downtown, Bill needed to take a quick potty break — but rather than walk way back to his dressing trailer, he ducked into a nearby restaurant,” a source said.

“Making his way to the restroom area, he was stopped by two Chicago policemen who’d spotted his wild, dirty hair and ratty clothing, assumed he was a drunken vagrant - and were ready to escort him out the door!”

Macy was amused at first, and joked with the officers.

“Hey, I really look the part, right?”” he said.

Then, realizing the cops were dead serious, he quickly explained who he was — and that he plays a drunk on a TV show.

Luckily, an assistant director walked into the restaurant just then and confirmed Macy’s identity to the cops, who released their grip and apologized.

That must be both flattering and mildly insulting, as it means that police officers not only don’t recognize him as William H. Macy but don’t watch Shameless, despite it being filmed in their own city.

In either case, happy birthday to William Macy.

Source: Showbiz

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  • loo shag brolley

    I find it weird that one can be arrested for simply not having any place to go.

  • Bert_McGurt

    "Oh, you don't know, the shape I'm in."

  • Anyone else shocked that he's 64 years old?

  • e jerry powell

    Should I be?

    I like my men with mileage on the odometer.

  • Ha, just meant that he doesn't look 64. To me, at least.

  • Bananapanda

    To be fair, Shameless is on Showtime. Not everyone shells out the $ for Showtime or cons RCN by taking their "customer surveys" every 3 months and complaining about the high cost of HBO/Showtime/DVRs. ;-D

  • Tom

    That's a big reason for the lack of attention from a city that usually acts like a town of 25,000 whenever anybody makes any sort of entertainment set here. It also only really shoots exterior scenes here are those are generally confined to the same few places.

  • Tom

    Chicagoans are more interested in "Chicago Fire" and that "Chicago Code" show from a few years ago. If "Shameless" had the word "Chicago" in the title people would go apeshit.

  • oui

    Coming soon! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan reunite in "Shameless in Chicago".

  • stella

    Would James Marsden play the super hot sweet dude that she inexplicably leaves?

  • Dumily

    Hold up, I need you to address the important question from this post: does that mean Lip Gallagher is currently within stalking distance?

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