What If We Didn't Make It Us Vs. Them? Conservatives Speak Out Against The Idiotic Government Shutdown.

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | October 1, 2013 |


While you’re out there grappling with the every day realities of the government shutdown (be it closed parks or the lack of a paycheck) I hope you remember that it’s not just liberals who have had their hides chapped by this colossal cluster*ck. In fact, our collective disdain for Congress might just prove to be a unifying thing. This isn’t merely a partisan issue. Really, it’s a bureaucratic one.

Please, if you will, take a moment to read this piece from The American Conservative entitled “Republicans, Over The Cliff.”

When I think of the Republican Party, I don’t think of principled conservative legislators who are men and women of vision strategy. I think of ideologues who are prepared to wreck things to get their way. They have confused prudence — the queen of virtues, and the cardinal virtue of conservative politics — with weakness.

That’s from The. American. Conservative. So for those of you who couldn’t go to work today, I’m sorry. I hope this changes soon. But don’t paint a target on every conservative’s back. They’re not all against you.

This guy, however. I don’t know.


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