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Wanted To See 'Guardians of the Galaxy'? Enjoy 'Rise Of The Guardians'

By Geek Girl Diva | Miscellaneous | August 1, 2014 |

ride of the galaxy guardians.jpg

Y’know how most of the geek world is OMG SO EXCITED for Guardian’s Of The Galaxy? Well, it turns out that some of them were crying in their popcorn last night once the previews ended because …

Yep. Instead of Guardians Of The Galaxy, the theater rolled Rise Of The Guardians (you know, the Dreamworks movie?)

But wait, this gets better. From what I can tell, this happened in more than one theater. From the tweets, it looks like it was Richmond and New Jersey.

Aaannnnnnnd, it happened more than ONCE.

More than TWICE.

Further reading shows that, while they may not have gotten to see the correct movie that night, they were reimbursed and one of the tweeters got to go today and saw the correct movie.

On a side note, whoever is working Regal Cinema’s Twitter account is doing it right.

Via ABC News.

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