Vienna May Have Just Won Progressive City of the Year...Temporarily

By Cindy Davis | Miscellaneous | May 13, 2015 |


You wouldn’t think such a small detail could mean so much, but this news warms everything in my heart and started out Wednesday just right. In advance of the Eurovision Song Contest (beginning May 19th), Austria’s capital city is hosting events and making a few changes to promote the theme of tolerance. And one of the most lovely things they’ve done is to change the little people in its traffic lights to gay and lesbian couples.


The lights are intended to be in place through June; here’s hoping they stay forever. Like any city, Vienna is not without conflict. The right-wing, not-so-aptly-named Freedom Party has already filed a complaint against the town council member responsible for traffic issues. For now, though, love is in the air and the streets.


(via BBC)

Here’s last year’s winner, Conchita Wurst:

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