Twitter Is Giving Donald Trump Nicknames And Everything Is An Unfunny Joke

By Jodi Smith | Miscellaneous | May 11, 2016 |


Donald Trump decided to give “clever” nicknames to Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and HIllary Clinton.

In response, Trump is being blessed with new nicknames on Twitter. Let us all bask in the innate childishness while enjoying the hilaritysobbing over the realization of the middle school drama that is our journey to the election of our President.

Of course, there are also his supporters. Terrifyingly, they’re more mature.

Do we win anything by doing this? Does it make us more shameful than the candidate himself? Does it show him what his hateful-yet-lazy name-calling and repugnant behavior feels like to the people receiving the brunt of it? It just makes us all stoop to his level. Maybe we deserve Trump if we can’t all rise above the ridiculousness of ego and hate.

Wake me up when November ends.

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