These Bananas Disney Concept Sketches Show That In A Different World, Angelina Jolie Could Be Wearing Antenna
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These Bananas Disney Concept Sketches Show That In A Different World, Angelina Jolie Could Be Wearing Antennae

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | July 5, 2013 | Comments ()


Concept art is always fun to look at long after the official, final design for a character is firmly lodged in your brain. How can we not help but think about what might have been. The following images come from a number of Disney projects that represent decades of animation work. What is clear from these images is that, at the very least, the characters we now know and love could have been much more interesting. The non-white characters, for one, are a lot more, well, non-white. There are also some sexier villainesses, dumpier heroes and, well, you'll never look at Gaston the same way again. You can see even more of the art here. Enjoy.

Tiana -- The Princess And The Frog

Cruella De Vil -- 101 Dalmatians

Flynn Rider -- Tangled

Maleficent -- Sleeping Beauty

Jasmine -- Aladdin

Ursula -- The Little Mermaid

Pocahontas -- Pocahontas

Aladdin -- Aladdin

Gaston -- Beauty And The Beast

(via Reddit)

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  • Lauren_Lauren

    GAAHHHHHH skinny claw-hands Aladdin is terrifying.

    Flynn Rider #2 - How YOU doin?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Oh, that last Gaston is whats-his-face the villain from Hunchback.

    Hunchback, by the way, is an absolutely gorgeous movie - just pretend it has no source material.

  • Mrs. Julien

    We just watched it and Mulan recently. I didn't pay attention to the latter, but the former was beautiful.

  • AudioSuede

    You mean Aladdin almost looked like an actual Arabian instead of a white guy with a base tan? BLASPHEMY!

  • Sars

    you are forgetting that the king was basically the dad from beauty and the beast. I remember watching that movie when i was in Iran, and I kept wondering why the king of Arabia was WHITE...

  • Don't worry; Disney did end up using that fantastic Gaston mustache:

  • Fabius_Maximus

    There is only one Gaston.

  • Morgan_LaFai

    I blame Disney (especially Sleeping Beauty) for my love of villains. And part of it does have to do with their looks. Most of the protagonists are so blandly generic looking, while the villain's look had personality.

    But more than just the looks, I understood the villains better, though as a child this was on a subconscious level I have only recently come to understand. The damsel in distress and the rescuing male were usually such boring, two dimensional characters. The audience never learns about their motivations. Look at Aurora. All we know about her is that she sings well, dreams of men, and is good with animals. And do we ever even learn the Prince's name? He sees a woman in the woods and instantly falls in love. No character development is given to either. They see each other, they like each other, one falls into a coma and the other kills things to rescue her. But is their a reason beyond physical attraction for their love and heartbreak over being separated? If there is it was never shown on film.

    But the villains, oh the villains. Disney does make amazing villains. They had motivations I could understand. Take Maleficent. She doesn't look the same as everyone else and she has hobbies that other's don't approve of. Because of this, she got snubbed from the party of the year. And, when she showed up anyway, was told to her in face, in front of a crowd of people, that she wasn't wanted. Was her promise to kill the child slightly over the top? Maybe, but I certainly understand her reasons. And of course she had to carry her threat through. Otherwise the 'popular' people would have won, and that just cannot stand. So yeah, she was given proper motivation for her actions. Moreover, it was motivation I could understand even as a child.

  • Sars

    I loved Maleficent. I remember watching Sleeping Beauty over and over again, and each time hoping and wishing that she would win and burn that stupid prince to death. I loved that she could turn into a dragon and had a pet crowe. She was pretty bitchin'. She lived in her own castle and could summon lightning... and yes she was skinny and angular. when the other "good" witches were frumpy, and pretty annoying. The princess always got on my nerves with her helplessness and her propensity to talk to animals and makeout with total strangers....
    I remember telling my mom that I wanted to look like Maleficent. Years later, my boyriend who has 0 knowledge of popculture and was never into Disney, started telling me how I looked like this pretty hot witch from one of the Disney cartoons. I showed him Maleficent and he was like "Bingo". I cannot tell you how happy I was.

  • chanohack

    I totally get you and don't want to seem argumentative, but the prince's name is Phillip. I think he might be the only early Disney prince who is actually referred to by a REAL name (e.g. not "Charming" or "the Handsome").

  • Morgan_LaFai

    Indeed you are correct. My not remembering his name just shows how little I cared about his character. But now that you have jogged my memory I do recall them using his name early in the film and often. And I suppose he is a somewhat relatable character in that he is a teenage boy who falls in love with a beautiful girl at first sight and will do anything to have her. I still prefer Maleficent.

  • chanohack

    I do, too. :)

  • $27019454

    Maleficent is exactly the same face and voice as the wicked stepmother in Cinderella. Which is seriously cool to me.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Your user name is particularly apropos at the moment. Also, I LOVE everything you wrote.

  • Morgan_LaFai

    There is a reason I chose the handle I did. Though I must confess, The Mists of Avalon and Wicked also have a lot to do with how I view villains. However, those came along later in life. I liked Maleficent when I was a ten.

  • Mrs. Julien

    She is all I can remember about Sleeping Beauty. We had one of those "Little Golden Books" for the movie. Maleficent was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Disney executive at first concept meeting: We're going in a new direction with this one. Do whatever you want. I'm serious. Whatever you want. You are the artists. Let's see what you can do.They want to break new ground. They're tired of Pixar getting all the glory. Take six weeks and come back to us with your concept art. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Disney executive six weeks later: I'm thinking Oscar. She looks great. Gorgeous. The talent we have here is staggering. Walt would be so proud of all of you. I could just sit and watch you work all day. You artists are what makes Disney the company it is: innovation and tradition. Now, could we just nip her waist and enlarge her eyes? Obviously, she's gorgeous. Do we think her hair is a little...ethnic? She looks fantastic, you are brilliant and I respect you all so G.D. much, but maybe let's tone that down. And the nose, too. She looks great, spectacular, we are on the right track, what we are going for here is more of a suggestion than an homage. You have three days.

  • Mrs. Julien

    No one spits like Gaston. He's especially good at expectorating.

  • $27019454

    Coincidentally, he uses antlers in all of his decorating.

  • Mrs. Julien

    And he's roughly the size of a barge.

  • stella

    And eats five dozen eggs

  • cheryl

    Middle Flynn Rider looks like Hugh Dancy in 'Ella Enchanted.' Not that I'm complaining.

  • Emm82

    Does anyone else think that the 1st Gaston drawing looks like Shaun Connery?

  • Caspar

    Well HELLO middle Flynn Rider!

  • cgthegeek

    I wish they'd gone for the natural-haired Tiana. Because of reasons.

  • zeke_the_pig

    It's a day late, sure, but I still wanted to say Happy Indy Day to all my Yank Pajiba-friends

  • Cz

    2nd Flynn Rider... hubbahubba

  • $2786243

    How you doin', toon.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I was thinking that very same thing.

  • $27019454

    Dirty thought. Drrrrty thoughts.

  • Cz

    I want to see The Smolder on that one.

  • eeeee

    This site - - is another good resource for finding concept/animation art from Disney movies. Also they credit the artists.

  • Guest


  • ZizoAH

    I always blamed Disney animated movies for making me think that ugly people are bad people, I mean, look at fucking Ursula! (I dressed up like her for last Purim, by the way).

    It's funny the one of the concepts for Flynn Ryder (the last one) ended up being for the twin villains.

  • I did an undergrad paper in social anthropology where I watched tons of cartoons and then sat down with kids' friends and asked them questions about how they knew who the villain was. This was the mid-80s, and almost without fail, the villains were ugly, twisted in form, lacking hair or teeth or both, poorly dressed, fat or unrealistically thin, with scars or serious acne on their faces, or obviously culturally different from the heroes. And their voices were all terrible (which, you know, kudos to the voice actors for that). The heroes were all pretty and perfect and popular and mostly white. What bothered me most was the children admitting they would probably go with someone who looked like the heroes, even if they didn't know him/her.

    So, while I may not groove on things like Sponge Bob or Adventure Time, at least they shake up the mix a bit. Sometimes, the pretty princess makes the monster...

  • John G.

    James Adomian's - The gay disney villains:

  • duckandcover

    These look like the accepted character designs for the knock-off Disney movies you find on Netflix.

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    I totally get you and don't want
    to seem argumentative, but the prince's name is Phillip. I think he
    might be the only early Disney prince who is actually referred to by a
    REAL name (e.g. not "Charming" or "the Handsome").

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