The Weekly Murdertank: Freebies, International Hotties, and Movies We Love Despite Ourselves

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | June 26, 2011 | Comments ()


  • 12 Movies with Disgusting Messages We Love to Pieces Despite Ourselves
  • Five More Celebrity Women for Whom the Universe Has Developed an Irrational Hatred
  • Five Freebies (and Voting for the Pajiba 10) (Voting Closes Monday)
  • Ten Once Celebrity Objects of Desire Who Have Fallen Out of Favor
  • Pajiba Dirty Talk: Rape and Shades of Gray
  • The 10 Most Insulting, Offensive Remake Casting Choices of All Time
  • 5 Children's Movie Sequels That Should've Arrived Before Cars 2
  • That Jackass Roger Ebert Calls a Jackass a "Jackass," Those Jackasses at Facebook Pull His Page
  • Bad Teacher Review
  • Television's Worst Dads
  • Pajiba 10: International Edition

  • Are you following Pajiba on Facebook or Twitter? Because every time you do an angel does the Paul Rudd dance

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