The Vanity Fair Oscar Kissing Booth is Basically the Cutest Thing You'll See Today
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The Vanity Fair Oscar Kissing Booth is Basically the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | February 22, 2012 | Comments ()


I guess we know why Robert Downey, Jr. married her now.


It's Zooey Deschanel, and alternate universe Zooey Deschanel.


What is Dave Eggers doing at the Oscars (I thought he was the anti-hobnobber), and when did he get so old? His wife (Vendeela Vida) has still got it.


Everything is better with Rudd.


It's so cute that the Academy still lets Brendan Fraser attend. Probably because he provides the best reaction shot.


How often do we see Vera Farmiga when she's not in some tight-lipped, button down role?


How did Emma Stone get caught in the booth with those two?


Look! Leslie Mann with some woman I recognize but can't place, although I feel like I'm probably going to be chastised for my inability to identify her.


You can also check out the entire 33-image slideshow over at Vanity Fair.

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