The Pajiba 10 -- For Your Consideration: Aisha Tyler

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The Pajiba 10 — For Your Consideration: Aisha Tyler

By Rob Payne | Miscellaneous | June 18, 2012 | Comments ()


By far, the best thing about G4's coverage of E3 (the Electronics Entertainment Expo, if you're nasty) this year, other than the Watch Dogs gameplay demo, was the reminder that comedian/actress Aisha Tyler is a beautiful badass. I've been a fan since she established the mold for Joel McHale's sarcastic and sexy delivery on "The Soup" when it was still called "Talk Soup" and had most recently introduced a curious world to Hal Sparks. She went on to play both Joey's and Ross's girlfriend in latter day "Friends," but, sadly, outside of her purr-fect (yeah, I went there) performance of Lana Kane on "Archer," and the occasional glorified cameo in shows like "Reno 9-1-1" and movies like Balls of Fury, she hasn't been much in the public eye. I envy those of you who have the time and the tolerance for daytime chat shows like "The Talk." Then comes E3 2012. I wasn't even planning on watching, but there's Aisha Tyler co-hosting the first night, totally knowledgeable and funny, and I'm hooked. Naturally, some of the more asinine viewers had complaints about an attractive lady "pretending" to be an expert on video games. Naturally, Tyler replied to those asshats on Facebook (choice excerpts below):

"I go to E3 each year because I love video games. Because new titles still get me high. Because I still love getting swag. Love wearing my gamer pride on my sleeve. People ask me what console I play. Motherfucker, ALL of them... So to all the haters out there who claim I don't play; To the GAF dicks, Gamespot trolls, to every illiterate racist douchebag on Youtube: Flame away. Go nuts. Post every jackass comment your heart desires. I'll still be playing when your mom's kicked you out of her basement and you have to sell your old-ass console and get a real job. For now, I say to you respectfully, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, GFYS."

So, now, for your consideration, I present Aisha Tyler as a possible Pajiba 10 nominee. She still probably won't bang you, but the chances of a stimulating experience are 100%:














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  • MissAmynae

    Her standup is effing hilarious. Shows off the smart and sexy as hell perfectly.

  • fpkillkill

    Aisha once agreed with and replied to a fb posting I wrote. And used my name! I announced that shit all over the place. Then peed my pants.

  • I would have too.

  • A. Smith

    Loved the lady since her days on Talk Soup. I just remembered, a time she was on this one early G4 show Players and was killing everyone in DoA 3 as Zack.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I may have copied that second to last picture to my hard drive.

    I make no apologies.

  • petalfrog

    Those Maxim pics are patently UNSEXY. She is way too smart and interesting and gorgeous to be in a gross collar and chain. The side nude, however, holy moly. What a babe

  • You know, I don't disagree, but it's sadly difficult finding "hot" pictures of Aisha Tyler. I almost didn't include the collar, but there were almost literally no other options.

  • hapl0

    I still remember Will Smith's answer during a MIB2 interview where he was asked what he thought of Rosario and he said, "She's a lot woman."

    I wonder what his reply would be for Aisha.

  • Ok, I'm totally down with this. But what's up with dog collar thing? Maybe I'm just too straight-laced for the BDSM implications, but it seems a bit out of place on her.

  • It surprised me too, but only because I thought "whoa!". Nothing says "I'm a true bad ass" than willing to be photographed in a leash, whereas all your compatriots (also vying for magazine exposure) draw the line at sprawling on a chez lounge in your lingerie. Which Aisha also does, bless her.

    Aisha is so badd ass I'm tempted to think she's a lesbian.

  • I can't stand how much I adore her.

  • Yocean

    Yes. Her and Paula Hatton yes. And I love this attempt at ethnic diversification of Pajiba 10 :)

  • Shazza

    It's Paula Patton.

  • Didn't she have a slightly-more-than-recurring gig on CSI?

    Why, yes, she did! And a good twelve episodes at that.

    What amazes me is all this cheesecake from a black woman who, by her own
    reckoning, has No Ass At All.

  • Fredo

    She's funny enough to be a comedienne, hot enough to be a model and smart enough to do cool stuff like Lana and The Boondocks. (The Kumite - HIYAAAHH!!)

  • apocalipstick

    Countdown to first asinine "She looks like a pre-op transsexual" comment. T-minus 20, 19, 18...

  • TheAggroCraig

    Well if I say it NOW it won't be as funny.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    If I ever get breast cancer I want to re-enact the entirety of the Stage Two episode.

  • Green Lantern


    She's got a long, strong, gotta-get-the-friction-on career ahead of her.

  • special snowflake

    Oh God YES! Aisha is the bangingest chick this side of hotdom and would make an illustrious member of the 10 - her standup is awesome, she brought a great dynamic to the 'Friends' cast, & I knew she was hot, but those pics are a wonderful affirmation!
    Aisha IS Lana Kane, or the other way around: a sexy goddess with a formidable intellect and dead-hilarious sense of humor!
    (I haven't read anything about a 'Pajiba Ten', but since Rob brought it up, I'm gonna be petitioning for the hotness that is - - Aisha)

  • I saw her standup this winter, I met her and made her say "How can an airboat be selfish?" Love.

  • Slash

    Love Aisha. She rules.

  • Rob...ya completely ignored all the episodes of Ghost Whisperer she was in...for whatever reason.../shrug ( and she rates @ complete Hawtness imo )

  • MG

    A million times yes. Get in line, Pam.

  • zeke_the_pig


    In other words...Yes, definitely.

  • Brown

    The pic of her smoking looks cool, but I'm reminded how much I would dislike dating a smoker. She still gets a thumbs up from me though.

  • rumcove

    Is this some sort of reference to the pulled pork thingy from another pst.

  • Funny, I'm reminded just how little it would take for me to take up smoking again.

  • fpkillkill

    And holee sheet. Is that a Foxy Brown necklace she is wearing? Want.

  • fpkillkill

    I would totally smoke again if she asked if I wanted one.

  • L.O.V.E.

    You do that and you may owe her a cake with an apology on it.

  • Ian Fay

    She also has an excellent podcast called Girl on Guy:

    Featuring awesome guests like Anthony Bourdain, Greg Proops, Adam Savage, and Robert Kirkman.

  • Martin

    Danger Zone.

  • You better call Kenny Loggins. Also, I second/third/fourth/fifth/etc. the sploosh.

  • Martin

    Duh, and/or Hello.

  • Internet Magpie


  • apocalipstick

    You could drown a toddler in my boxers right now.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Made. My. Day.
    ...Not the drowning - the metaph-...forget it.

  • And whatever my equivalent of sploosh. Which I guess is just sploosh. Only with semen.

  • L.O.V.E.


  • Martin

    Spooge, I think.

  • splort

  • Kip Hackman

    Splooge. Basically the same, but thicker, and with more substance.

  • Yuuuuuuup.

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