'The Graham Norton Show' Gets Terminated by Arnold Schwarzanegger and Emilia Clarke

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | June 20, 2015 |

Last night’s The Graham Norton Show featured two of the main cast members from the new Terminator: Genisys, basically the only two that people actually care about, and one of them got to do a special opening sequence with Mr.Norton.

I have to hand it to Arnold, 31 years later and he’s still doing a pretty good job of acting like a killer robot. And he still has good humor about his iconic role, as we can see here as he gets the rest of the guests (plus a bonus Tinie Tempah) to help him out with some of his famous catchphrases. I’m sure they’re missing plenty, feel free to add your own below.

Obviously with Emilia Clarke there, the talk was going to turn to Game of Thrones and the latest finale, but Graham brought it back around to the first season and her work with Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo. And after this particular anecdote, Momoa might owe her a nice fruit basket.

Then there was this conversation about having strong eyebrows and a competition where Cara Delevinge and Emilia Clarke employed the Hermione Granger school of eyebrow acting to see who had the most talented eyebrows. While it’s close, I’m pretty sure Clarke wins here. Delevinge’s brows are striking, but Clarke’s got her beat on movement.

Dork pet peeve: “Khaleesi” is a title, not a name.

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