The Female Cast of 'Saturday Night Live' Paraded Around In their Pajamas for a 'Cosmo' Slumber Party

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | April 9, 2014 |


The seven (7!) female cast members on Saturday Night Live appeared in a photo spread in Cosmo this week wearing very expensive pajamas. Some are bothered by this, because we live in a culture that feeds on outrage, and while I don’t want to minimize the valid points that are being made — that their sexuality is being played up, that Aidy Bryant is hiding behind a bunny head while the rest of the cast in on full display, and that those bathrobes cost more than our monthly mortgage — I think I’d prefer to simply celebrate the fact that there are six fantastic female cast members (plus Vanessa Bayer) who are mostly dominating the show right now, and that Cecily Strong is an immensely attractive woman fully-clothed or barely clothed. I don’t want to objectify, but that woman is sexual Kool-Aid.

And yes, while the photoshoot does highlight some of their more sexual qualities of the female cast, let’s not forget that just this last weekend, they joined Anna Kendrick to sing a song about destroying dongs (sexually). That’s not something you could’ve said of a show that was once thought to be a boys club. As Vanessa Bayer might say while she’s impersonating Miley Cyrus, “That’s pretty cool.”

You can find out more about these cast members and read their illuminating responses to pat, obvious questions over on Cosmo. Although, the article also revealed that Cecily Strong is dating SNL’s Mike O’Brien, which might provoke this response, “Sh*t. I totally had a shot.”








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