Battleship, Take Notice

By TK | Miscellaneous | September 25, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Miscellaneous | September 25, 2009 |


It's true. Much like Al Green, gravy, sunshine, nudity and whiskey, Stephen Colbert makes everything better. He can even dull the blow of the past few week's wretched run of movie news. We already talked about the ridiculosity (shutupit'safuckingword) of the coming Battleship movie to be directed by Peter Berg, as well as its "plot."

Well, Colbert has officially fired a shot across the bow (see what I -- oh, fuck you). He's made his pitch for a role, and now you can watch him (with a special bonus -- Jeff Goldblum!) in all his satirical glory.

The Battleship segment starts at the 3:20 point, but the whole damn clip is brilliant.

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Didn't that make everything better?

You're welcome.

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