The Biggest Difference Between Captain France and Captain America: More Daft Punk, Less Steve Jobs
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The Biggest Difference Between Captain France and Captain America: More Daft Punk, Less Steve Jobs

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | April 18, 2014 | Comments ()


A great moment in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (and this is spoiler-free, no need to go fetal) is when Sam Wilson (Falcon) tells Steve Rogers he needs to listen to Marvin Gaye’s Troubleman. Cap adds the album to his To-Do list and we get a glimpse of all the things people have told him “Aw, man you’ve gotta try (or Google) this.”

A couple of weeks ago, /Film posted a screen grab from the UK version of the movie, to point out the differences.

So The Beatles are apparently more important than the building and subsequent destruction of the Berlin Wall, but Thai food still made the cut.

Now, a Redditor has compiled a gallery of versions of the list from ten different countries. It’s a nice quick window into the values of a culture through a pop culture lens.



South Korea






Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Google “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.”

Vivian Kane appreciates the thought, South Korea, but really doesn’t think Oldboy would be Captain America’s new favorite movie.

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  • Bryan

    The best was the North Korean version:

  • Lauren_Lauren

    You, sir, earn the Cackle Of The Day.

  • kinoumenthe

    How does changing the list for different countries makes any sense ? Cap
    is still an American living in America, hence checking out things
    relevant in his culture. I don't understand the logic behind making him
    check things totally irrelevant to him.

  • Bryan

    Not to mention the list seems to be updated based on suggestions from others. As if he was talking to someone the other day and they said "Hey Cap, you know what you REALLY gotta check out? Spain's 1978 Constitution!!"

  • RedAlbino

    I have to agree, this Captain America movie is probably the Marvel movie where a nation by nation easter egg like this makes the least sense

  • stella

    So we all agree that Thai Food is important?

  • VohaulsRevenge

    Having talked to lots of Aussies in the last year, I know fairy bread would be on that list (Vegemite is too easy).

  • BWeaves

    OK, am I the only one who noticed that STAR WARS is crossed out on the American version only?

  • Swiss Fox

    I just want to know who it was that thought Steve would like Nirvana. That person is going to be very disappointed.

  • Maddy

    The only thing on the Australian one that is culturally relevant today is Tim Tams (OK and maybe ACDC)

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Gods, that's stupid. Why would the English World Cup win suddenly matter to Captain America?

  • RedAlbino

    I guess it could be something he can talk to Peggy Carter about.
    and just about every other country has football reference on their lists as well, why pick on the UK?
    To be honest, I thing that was the only egregious change on the UK list; the new Sherlock, The Beatles and Sean Connery are pretty popular in the US, I thought.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I haven't seen the movie yet (stupid 3D only), but Peggy Carter has to be dead by now.

    I used the UK as an example. The changes on the other lists are even dumber.

  • Zirza

    Skippy was my hero when I was six. I worshipped Skippy for, like, six months.


  • emmalita

    Hail Skippy Hydra?

  • Zirza

    I'd watch that.

  • Mari

    Yay, Skippy! Getting major flashbacks right now.

  • Alicia

    it's kind of interesting to me that they changed it at all. With the possible exception of "I Love Lucy", are any of those references something international audiences wouldn't be likely to get?

  • Alexander1

    I agree with France on The Fifth Element!

  • kinoumenthe

    Heh, Coluche is fine too, but this list makes me hunger for an old De Funes movie or two, preferable the costumed ones… "Il est l'OoR, MonsignOoR !" Muhaha. (…well, that's Montand's line, actually.)

  • ShokShok

    terrific ! ;) for france : Louis de Funes or Coluche are great artists but very very old for us ! lol nice news thanks

  • csb

    Sitting in an Irish cinema, there were audible eye rolls when the 1966 World Cup final came up. Like we don't hear about that shite enough to this day.

  • There seems to be a lot of soccer-centric entries on those lists. Cap is totally a baseball guy

  • Alicia

    Except for Italy - apparently whoever did that list is more interested in Formula 1 racing.

  • Check the top line in Italy again

  • Alicia


  • rio

    the italian list makes my cringe so hard my face might get stack that way. God, I don't wanna move back there, damn it.

  • Justin Kuhn

    Irrelevant: I'm pretty tired of the thumbnail for "5 movies you shouldn't watch on a date."

  • John

    Saw it in Brazil and the only item that redeems that list is the inclusion of "Ayrton Senna".

    I mean, Xuxa over the moon landing? Yeah, even those who got the joke cringed.

    Aside from that gag I loved the film. Best Marvel movie to date.

  • kikalo

    hehe once you google Skippy, you will be smitten. We don't just ride them to school we rely on them to solve crimes, too.

    I saw Steve Irwin on the list here, don't remember seeing Skippy though.

  • VohaulsRevenge

    Christ, it's like an Australian "Jabberjaw"...

  • KC

    So its a bit like Lassie was for America?

  • Yes. Good analogy. But not nearly as well made as Lassie was.

  • BuffyloGal

    While you're googling Skippy, look up Captain Kangaroo because he's almost as old. Tim Tams, mmm...

  • Steve

    You have to Google Skippy?


  • vic

    If only this were the Venn diagram that could finally bring all nations together with a giant banquet of Thai food.

    Unless Thailand put "Ethiopian food" on their list instead.

  • e jerry powell

    "More food."

  • emmalita

    As they should!

  • llp

    Ethiopian food is good. Mmmm.

  • emmalita

    Don't tell the other foods, but Ethiopian food is my favorite.

  • Ben

    I saw it in Australia and we got the US one.

    Also if I got the australian one I would have cringed like a mother fucker.

    Skippy the bush kangaroo? Really?

  • The original Skippy was made in the late 60s and early 70s. It's a part of coming of age afternoon TV for anyone who grew up in the 70s. Of course it's terribly acted and scripted, but it's ours.

  • Maddy

    Apparently all Australians are into the most culturally cringeworthy Australian things (except Tim Tams - that is a national treasure)

  • South Korea got it right. DDR and Oldboy are essential pop culture experiences.

  • TotesMcGotes

    I don't think Cap would like Oldboy very much.

  • Xuxa. I can't wait to see his face after that one.

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