The 5 Best Movies Starring Sandra Bullock, According To Me: Shutup, I Haven't Seen 'Gravity'
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The 5 Best Movies Starring Sandra Bullock, According To Me: Shutup, I Haven't Seen 'Gravity'

By Jodi Clager | Miscellaneous | August 18, 2014 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.13.16 AM.png

The Proposal is the only romantic comedy I will purposely watch. It is the only one that I actually enjoy, that I think is funny, and that I watch every time it is on television. Bullock plays Margaret Tate, a Canadian living and working in the US as a high powered editor. Ryan Reynolds is Andrew Paxton, her overworked assistant forced to marry Margaret to keep her from being deported on an expired visa.

Zany hijinks and life-altering moments follow. Strangely enough, I’m more than alright with it.

I guess I just said that The Proposal is the only rom com I’ll watch. Is Practical Magic a rom com? I mean, I see it as more of a sisterly-bond-with-witchcraft-and-coincidental love. Bullock is Sally Owens and Nicole Kidman is her sister Gillian. The two young girls are orphaned and raised by their eccentric aunts (Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest) that teach the girls about their witchy ancestry.

Then Sally loses her husband, moves in with the aunts, Gilly dates another asshole, and then there is a cop, killing, and magic. It’s pretty glorious fluff, but this trailer from 1998 is quite terrible at setting the film’s tone. The music and voice-over are heinous too.

Keanu Reeves is Jack and he needs to outwit Dennis Hopper’s Howard Payne to keep a bus from exploding. Luckily, Annie (Bullock) is riding the bus and her license has been suspended due to excessive…Speed!!

That’s really all there is to it. POP QUIZ, HOT SHOT!

In A Time to Kill, Bullock plays Roark, a lawyer with a filthy rich daddy. She decides to work for free helping out Jake Tyler Brigance (Matthew McConaughey) in his defense of Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson), a man who killed his daughter’s rapists.

There are lots of things I could say at this point concerning the film’s faults and possible connections to current events, but this isn’t really why I’ve got it on here.

Let’s pop back into less emotionally charged waters, shall we? I did not expect to like this movie at all, but I laughed my ass off at the buddy cop comedy The Heat. I confess, Bullock has done the straight-laced FBI agent before, but her Ashburn paired with Melissa McCarthy’s insane Mullins was delicious.

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  • Mentalcase

    Gravity is in another level compared to the rest of her CV. I'll always have a spot for Speed, though. Funny how no one even mentioned her Oscar winner, The Blind Side. I never could muster up enough interest to watch that one despite many promises of it being "so good".

  • katiessh

    I always find the proposal kind of insulting, but that's because I'm sick of the 'single workaholic woman that is incapable of functioning as a person let alone a girlfriend'.I mean what is this idea that women who like to work forget how to act normally at all.

    I realize the movie I'm about to say has exactly the same problems but I watched it when I was young and am thus nostalgic- miss congeniality should be on this, if only for the fact that she kicks a guy in the balls on stage wearing a drindl

  • Slim

    Hope Floats, people. Sandy, Harry, a little baby Egg.

  • Wigamer

    Baby Mae Whitman, with her glasses and her bunny purse. Gah.

  • denesteak

    Fuck, I fucking love Practical Magic. Nicole Kidman was soooooo hot in it.

  • badkittyuno

    God I love Practical Magic. I am feeling the need to watch it right now. Too bad I'm at work....

  • selucius

    Out of those movies, I've only seen Speed, but I can still guarantee they're all better than the pile of shit that was Gravity.

  • Man, I did not get The Proposal. I think it's because I can't stand Ryan Reynolds'....face. Or anything about him.

    Bye everyone I think this one gets me banned by Dustin! bye!

  • BWeaves

    I didn't get it either. I didn't get why RR's character even liked Bullock's character. She was like the Sigourney Weaver character in "Working Girl." Matter of fact, I keep calling the movie, "Working Boy."

  • Wigamer

    I am helpless before Two Weeks' Notice. I'm not happy about it.

  • I love Sandra Bullock and I love Hugh Grant and I have a REALLY high tolerance for crappy romcoms but for whatever reason, I hate Two Weeks Notice. I think it's mostly to do with the food ordering. Shut up, judgmental Chinese food place, shut up.

  • mcat_05

    While you were sleeping is on my top 10 rom com list. Def has the edge over the proposal. Plus young bill Pullman beats out Ryan Reynolds

  • lowercase_ryan

    Thanks for the opportunity to say, once again, that Gravity was shit.

  • emmalita

    Her best movies are really terrible, but work because of some sort of magic and charm. I really liked The Heat. It was pretty bad, but I still really liked it.

  • Kala

    The Heat is one of those rare movies that I know isn't very good, but the fact that it makes me laugh my ass off means the weak plot and other imperfections gets a pass.

    "Are you, or are you not, a KNOCK?"

  • dilwazr

    Oh man, Practical Magic and Speed are so great. I also love love love While You Were Sleeping, but that might be because I'm from Chicago. ...Oh and it's also just delightful and maybe the only movie in which Bill Pullman is anything resembling sexy. (Other than The Favor.)

    I also really wasn't crazy about The Proposal, and I'd agree with some other people here in that Miss Congeniality is better. Also Murder by Numbers!

  • denesteak

    Yes! Murder by numbers! That was so deliciously scary. Cocky Ryan gosling's in it as well.

  • Re: Bill Pullman.

    Oh man, right? For a long time I kept watching other Bill Pullman movies expecting that affable sexiness and kept being disappointed. I know better now.

  • I have a soft spot in my heart for While You Were Sleeping.

    Am I still allowed to hang out here?


    I have to shout it out. I love it so much and I'm not even embarrassed by it. It has the one movie family I'd kill to be a part of.

    Plus: Joe Junior!

  • Ceasar Romero was tall

  • Chicken Lips

    Cesar Romero was not Spanish.

  • I didn't say that Cesar Romero was Spanish. I said that Cesar Romero was tall.

  • Lurkey Turkey

    Dustin Hoffman was five-six.Would you want to see Dustin Hoffman save the Alamo?

  • Zirza

    As much as I secretly enjoy that film, if you stop the think about it the plot is all kinds of WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE ROMANTIC?

  • I know, I know. But he takes her to Florence! She finally gets a stamp in her passport!

  • general rhubarb

    Of course. I'll be right there with you. "If your jeans fit me, I'm gonna kill myself"


  • DarcyMcCarbomb

    I love that movie! It's so rare that romantic comedies feature characters that seem like real people: her character lives in a little apartment, works at a train station, and falls in love with a normal guy. That scene on the ice is too cute!

  • Kala

    I'm Spartacus. *Stands Next To Lyssie89*

  • Sean

    Gravity, Speed, Demolition Man, and A Time to Kill. Everything else should be forgotten. And will be.

  • e jerry powell

    Keanu is looking kind of dinner in that header photo.

    MM is looking like a leather handbag in that header photo.

  • Samantha

    I had Practical Magic on video when it came out. During a strange month I had a lot of visitors and every single person who came to stay with me watched that movie. After about the fifteenth time (and I am not exaggerating) I pulled the tape out of the video and threw it away.
    Now though, many, many years later, I watch it every single time that it comes on television. Self flagellation, maybe?
    Gravity was surprisingly good, but could have done without Clooney's character. I never realised that Clooney couldn't act.

  • DarthCorleone

    Where's Love Potion No. 9?

  • gerald christie

    Seriously?! The Heat?! That movie is terrible and it has the annoying and obnoxious Melissa McCarthy playing the same character she always does. I don't know…maybe it's just me. I would have included Miss Congeniality, I thought it was a really funny movie and Sandra is great in it.

  • Dulce et Banana

    I think that's fair - McCarthy's the kind of actor who either pushes all of someone's right buttons or all the wrong ones.

  • Zen

    Practical Magic is delightful fluff. I aspire to be like the aunts when in greater age and swan about the garden in a big hat.

  • Shonda

    The aunts' clothes were fabulous.

  • googergieger

    This list would be so much easier if we could include movies she wasn't in.

  • Enrique del Castillo

    Come on! Where's Miss Congeniality?

    I'm only half joking

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I'm not joking. Without having seen The Heat, I'm declaring Miss Congeniality a superior movie.

    You loooooove me. You want to marrrry me....

  • Kobie

    I've seen both, and Miss Congeniality is WAY better.

  • Dulce et Banana

    Yes, when did "a fun romp" become something dirty?

  • I've seen both and I'd give 'Miss Congeniality' the edge as well.

  • lowercase_ryan

    The Heat was pleasing to me.

  • e jerry powell

    Yes. Yes, I do.

  • llp

    I had forgotten she was in A Time to Kill. I think Practical Magic is kind of terrible, but I watch it every time it is on television. I kind of miss hot Aidan Quinn.

  • emmalita

    Aiden Quinn would have been 1 - 10 on my Pajiba 10 much longer ago than either Mr. Quinn or I would like to admit. I've seen Desperately Seeking Susan...a lot.

  • cranky_chick

    I met him on the A train at the Chambers Street stop about a year after Desperately Seeking Susan when I was a teen. Nothing can prepare you for those lovely blue eyes in person.

  • emmalita

    My teenage self is more jealous than words can express.

  • llp

    My ADULT self is jealous.

  • cranky_chick

    It was one of the best moments of my teen years. I turned about a dozen shades of red as I stammered to say hello.

  • Wigamer

    Thank you. Aidan Quinn, for being scorchingly hot in Reckless. Good gravy.

  • llp

    Yeah, he was so hot. Mmm.

    I think my husband was channel flipping the other day, and I made him stop because I recognized a certain voice. Aidan Quinn has gotten OLD. But still hot.

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