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Suck It Ducks, First Promo For Ellen DeGeneres Oscars Promises Sweet, Gooey, Vanilla Fun

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | December 20, 2013 | Comments ()

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | December 20, 2013 |

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How fun that even in a Duck Dynasty world a well-known lesbian being picked to host the Oscars can be categorized as vanilla. I love Ellen, I do. But she’s a safe and inoffensive choice. She’s angel food cake.

Here’s her first promo directed by Paul Feig and filmed on what looks like the set of How I Met Your Mother. Or maybe I’m just having a suit association.


But when your promo calls to mind the cozy brain relaxation of a CBS sitcom with a soundtrack (by Fitz And The Tantrums) that sticks in my head like a particularly pernicious car commercial, well, then you’ve hit the mainstream baby.

And like I said, in a Duck Dynasty world, a mainstream lesbian host is controversy in its own right. It shouldn’t be. Some day it won’t be. Politics aside, though, I cannot wait for Ellen’s Oscars. After Billy, Seth, Anne and James, this should be a breath of fresh, sneaker-clad air. Get ready to dance.

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