Squeaky Bun Time

By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | April 6, 2009 |


There's a video embedded at the end of this post, for no other reason than to keep up the artifice that this post is a typical Pajiba post. But really, I'm only writing this to introduce a new phrase that's ready to sweep the nation. Squeaky Bun Time.

I won't bore you with late night origins of Squeaky Bun Time. But here's what it is. Y'all know that time in the night when you and your friends are drinking and having a good time and that drunken hunger hits? And it doesn't really matter so much what you eat, just so long as you eat something. You're at barbecue so you decide to attack the leftovers, eating a cold hot dog, eating a veggie burger not even realizing it's not a real burger, etc. Well that, folks, is Squeaky Bun Time. Tell your friends.

And here's that video I promised. It's a skit from this weekend's SNL (with a guest host who, when he's not all clean-shaven like, looks an awful lot like our own Dan Carlson). In the light of day, it's not all that funny. But when we were watching it live during Squeaky Bun Time, we found it mildly amusing, particularly the "son" at the end. Oh making fun of the Eye-talians, will you ever get old? ("No-a, I won't!")

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