Saying Goodbye to Taylor Negron, An Exceptional "That Guy" for Over 30 Years

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | January 11, 2015 |


Taylor Negron died of cancer this weekend at the age of 57 from cancer. He was not a well known actor, but was a working actor. Looking over his IMDB page, he has at least one credit for every year between his first credited appearance in 1979 all the way up to 2015, with a film currently in post production. He worked in television and movies, and the 90’s seem to have been his hey day. He was also a stand up comedian, and a writer.

Before he died, Negron wrote a piece for XO Jane on the topic of his own particular version of fame, something we tend to call “Hey, It’s That Guy!” He talks about being recognized on the street, at the airport, and how people react to him. He discusses the fact that he will never ascend the heights of fame to be the leading man, or someone whose name you know right away, and that he’s ok with it because of all the other wonderful experiences he’s had. The piece ends with a sentiment I think a lot of people need sometimes, “By letting go of what you thought was going to happen in your life, you can enjoy what is actually happening.”

Thank you for being That Guy for the last 30 years, Mr.Negron.

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