Ripe For A Remake: 1985's 'Mask'
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Ripe For A Remake: 1985's 'Mask'

By Jodi Clager | Miscellaneous | April 15, 2014 | Comments ()

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The Original Plot: Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis (Eric Stoltz) is a young man living with his wild yet protective mother, Florence “Rusty” Dennis (Cher), and dealing with his facial deformity. Rocky was born with craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, a rare disease that causes calcium buildup in the bones,distorting the sufferers skull.

Rocky is accepted by his mom’s biker boyfriend, Gar (Sam Elliott), and the rest of their biker gang friends. However, other people aren’t as accepting of Rocky. Rusty has to fight with the local school district to allow Rocky to attend junior high with other children, as the principal wants to classify him as mentally retarded and place him in special classes. Rocky does attend the school and goes on to make friends, tutor other children, and earn academic awards. He also meets Diana Adams (Laura Dern), a blind girl at a summer camp where Rocky works as a counselor’s aide.

The end of the movie SPOILER ends with Rocky’s death and the meltdown of his mother upon losing him. END SPOILER.

Mask is based on a true story and earned Cher and Stoltz Golden Globe nominations.

The New Plot:It stays the same. You hear that, Hollywood? IT STAYS THE SAME.

The New Cast:
Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis: Nicholas Hoult
Florence “Rusty” Dennis: Charlize Theron
Gar: Joel Edgerton
Diane Adams: Brie Larson
Dozer: Ron Perlman
Evelyn Tullis (Rusty’s mother): Susan Sarandon
Abe Tullis (Rusty’s father): Ed Harris
Ben: Logan Lerman

We know that Hoult can emote under layers of makeup, be it zombie or Beast, and that Theron can embody the hard-living, motorcycle gang-loving Rusty. Edgerton and Perlman can easily pull off the tough-looking bikers that want to protect and include Rocky in their family. Larson can pull of the sweetness of Diane while still showing the dramatic side of young love. Sarandon and Harris can do whatever the holy hell they want.

On top of that cast, CGI and practical makeup innovations can create Rocky’s face just as well as the 1985 film did. Perhaps they can even do it better, though we would wish for a director that knows when to pull back from CGI and go with practical effects. I would say that several members of the cast could put in an Oscar-worthy performance with such material, especially since it is based on a true story.

Watch the original trailer from 1985 and let me know what you think of my new cast in the comments, as well as any ideas you might have for a director.

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Kevintw

    No. No. No. Mask does not need to be remade.

  • MisterMJ

    Why not get Benedict Cumberbatch? Would keep make-up costs down.

  • LwoodPDowd

    Better yet, Cher plays Rocky and they dub in a boys voice.

  • Ian Fay

    Is it wrong I was hoping for the cartoon when I read the headline? They had the best toys back in the day.

  • JoeK
  • Guest

    April Fools Day was 2 weeks ago Jodi...

    *Diane Adams: Brie Larson

    Larson wouldn't be considered pretty enough for the original. Diana Agron would probably cast today.

  • Ricky, Bubbles & Julian

    Mask does NOT need a remake. The original had great acting, solid actors, it was a tearjerker, it had everything in a "based on" movie. Very rarely does a remake need to happen (I give you Oldboy as an example. Did t see it and never will because I don't need to see the original shat upon by josh freakin brolin and spike lee). How about we keep with the original idea movies like Enemy or Prisoners or......Oldboy

  • e jerry powell

    I vote no, too. Only thing the original needed is in the Director's Cut: SPRINGSTEEN.

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