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The Weekly Murdertank: Pulling a Gwyneth, Preposterous Pairings, Hipster Displeasure, Bombs and Bucky Larson

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | September 11, 2011 | Comments ()


  • Rejecting Your Hipster Displeasure: The Best SNL Sketches of the Last Three Years

  • Dance, MotherF**cker, Dance: Pop Culture's 20 Greatest Dancing GIFs

  • 25 Pop-Culture Facts that No One Denies

  • 5 Lead Actros That Should Pull a Gwyneth

  • 20 Things I Saw While Watching Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star That I Will Never Be Able to Unsee

  • In the Very First Sentence of this Review, I'm Going to Spoil the Ever-Living Sh*t Out of Apollo 18

  • A Case Study In Hotness: TV's New "It" Girl Edition

  • 11 Reasons Why I'm Holding Out Hope That The Eddie Murphy Oscars Won't Be One Massive, Fat Suited Ratnerf*cking

  • Which of These 11 Films Would You Probably Ignore Based on their Movie Posters Alone?

  • What Is He, Funny? The Most Preposterous Pairings Of 2011

  • The Ten Biggest Box Office Hits and 5 Biggest Bombs of the Summer

    20 Things I Saw While Watching BUCKY LARSON: BORN TO BE A STAR That I Will Never Be Able to Unsee | I Don't Know What Color Your Eyes Are, Baby: Hollywood's Most Gorgeous Gams, You Guess 'em Edition

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