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By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | March 9, 2009 |

Some of you might have noticed that we had commenting shut off for most of today (Sunday). Rumor has it that this was because some of the Pajiba staff were tired of hearing your inane ramblings.

I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor.

But I can say that, regardless of the rumor’s veracity or lack thereof, we also had comments shut off because we were underneath the Pajiba hood, trying to figure out where all these damned hoses go, what those funky fan-looking things do and what, exactly, it takes to engorge Pajiba’s clit (answer: two bottles of Grey Goose, vanilla-scented candles and sweet, sweet nothings).

“Blah blah blah,” you says, “why the hell do I care about website maintenance bullshit?”

Well, you should care because I think we’ve made life a bit more lovely for the Eloquents. Aside from the comments being a little different visually (to the better, we think), you’ll be happy to know that clicking on “remember me” actually works now. And there’s no more separate preview page (you can get a live preview of your comment as you type it, including your HTML tags), which has the added benefit of (hopefully) eliminating double-posted comments. But best of all, comment posting is scads faster. Still slower than any of us would prefer, perhaps, but you won’t have to go get a cup of coffee while waiting for your comment to post.

If you notice anything glitchy, with comments or links or anything else, let us know. Otherwise, keep on keeping on….

Blah blah blah, upgrades, blah blah blah, commenting, blah blah blah ... wait, did he say "clitoris?"

Yup, this website's got a magic button / Seth Freilich

Miscellaneous | March 9, 2009 | Comments ()

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