Pajiba After Dark: Where Are the Droogs?

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | July 13, 2011 |

7:30pm: "Exes & Ohs" on Logo

8:00pm: "Big Brother" on CBS

"Melissa and Joey" on ABC Family

"Minute to Win It" on NBC

"So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox

8:30pm: "State of Georgia" on ABC Family

9:00pm: "America's Got Talent" on NBC

"The 2011 ESPYs" on ESPN

"Franklin and Bash" on TNT. Oh, I've watched this! Like a couple episodes anyway. A couple of the characters have that whole "aggressively quirky" thing happening in place of actual personalities but I don't hate it. Don't like it particularly either, but it's nice to see Malcolm McDowell keeping busy. He's looking pretty spry for 67.

"Ghost Hunters International" on SyFy. Third season premiere.

"I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" on TLC. I've watched this and had to stop because it made me insane. As, I'm betting, it does to all women in their fertile years and some who aren't.

"Man vs. Food Nation" on Travel

"Operation Repo" on TruTV

"Roseanne's Nuts" on Lifetime. Series premiere.

"Royal Pains" on USA

"Sons of Guns" on Discovery. Second season premiere. The commercial for this show features the excellent "Ten Million Slaves" by Otis Taylor so I have fond feelings associated with it though I've never seen the show.

10:00pm: "Behind the Music: Miranda Lambert" on Vh1

"Bert the Conqueror" on Travel

"Damages" on DirecTV. Fourth season premiere.

"Dance Moms" on Lifetime. Series premiere.

"E! Special: Nicki Minaj" on E

"The Franchise: A Series with the San Francisco Giants" on Showtime

"Legend Quest" on SyFy. Series premiere.

"Love in the Wild" on NBC

"Necessary Roughness" on USA. I won't watch this show because the lead actresses's "aggravated" voice plays on my nerves for reasons I don't understand but also can't control.

"Nightline Prime: Beyond Belief" on ABC

"One Man Army" on Discovery. Series premiere.

"Real World/Road Rules Challenge" on MTV

"Rescue Me" on FX. Seventh season premiere.

"Restaurant: Impossible" on Food Network

"Rocco's Dinner Party" on Bravo

"Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman" on Science

"Toddlers and Tiaras" on TLC

"Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?" on Investigation Discovery. Second season premiere.

"The World According to London" on Oxygen

10:30pm: "Jon Benjamin Has a Van" on Comedy Central

Late Night Listings

"The Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS featuring Ryan Gosling and Gomez

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on NBC featuring Craig Ferguson, Rose Byrne, and David Cook

"The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS featuring DJ Qualls and Angela Kinsey

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on NBC featuring Gabourey Sidibe, Blake Shelton, and Joe Jonas

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central featuring Matthew Richardson

"The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central featuring David McCullough

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