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By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | March 11, 2010 |

8:00pm: "American Idol: Results Show" on Fox. New episode on a special night.

"Carnie Wilson: Unstapled" on GSN. First season finale. Aw, I don't get to make anymore lame "Unstapled!" jokes. I kind of hope this gets renewed just for that reason.

"Community" on NBC

"Survivor" on CBS

8:30pm: "Parks and Recreation" on NBC

9:00pm: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" on CBS

"Grey's Anatomy" on ABC. I'm beginning to wonder if NO ONE in the "Grey's" universe have heard the multiple versions of "don't date where you work" because almost every couple on the show now is a couple where both parties work in the hospital. I get that it's easier in terms of story and having the actors around, but seriously, have none of these people figured out that it's kind of a bad idea to date co-workers? Or seen that it hasn't really worked out well for ANYONE on the show? Whatever, they have like eleventy billion characters right now so I guess adding extra non-hospital love interests would just make it worse.

"Kitchen Nightmares" on Fox. New episode on a special night.

"The Office" on NBC

"Taking Control of Diabetes with Dr.Neal Barnard" on PBS. PBS really has their finger on the pulse of America, don't they?

"The Real Orange Housewives: Reunion Special Part 2" on Bravo

9:30pm: "30 Rock" on NBC. Making its hopefully triumphant return.

10:00pm: "Ace of Cakes" on Food Network

"Archer" on FX

"Celebrity Rehab Presents: Sober House" on VH1. Second season premiere.

"Important Things with Demetri Martin" on Comedy Central

"LA Ink" on TLC

"The Marriage Ref" on NBC. Jerry Seinfeld was talking about this on "The Daily Show" last night and showed a clip featuring Ricky Gervais, Madonna, and Larry David and I still wasn't interested. Anyone else got impressions to share?

"The Mentalist" on CBS

"Project Runway" on Lifetime

"Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew" on MTV

"The Real Housewives of New York City" on Bravo. Time slot premiere.

"Private Practice" on ABC.

10:30pm: "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Comedy Central. I tend to like Sarah Silverman in small doses, I loved her bit in The Aristocrats and I think everyone loves "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" but I haven't been brave enough to give her a whole half hour of my time yet. Should I?

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