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Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Gwendoline Christie

By TK | Miscellaneous | July 2, 2013 | Comments ()


Listen, folks. We all know the basics of the Pajiba 10. We argue and bicker about them every year, and the results are always hotly contested. And that's fine. No, really. It's fine.

But if I may. There is special consideration due to Ms. Gwendoline Christie. As Brienne of Tarth -- with all respect to Dinklage -- she is perhaps the most perfect casting decision in the entire vast cast of "Game Of Thrones." Brienne is brash, dangerous, damaged, shy, anxious, rebellious, stubborn, vulnerable, and deadly. And Christie handles all of those traits flawlessly. She is a giantess of unusual physicality, something that she absolutely is as well. What she is also supposed to be... is homely. Not particularly attractive.


On this, well, forgive the woman if she doesn't quite get that part right. As unconventional as her looks may be, it'll be a cold day in hell before she succeeds at unattractive.

Because the truth is that Gwendoline Christie is a 6'3" cool drink of water. She's got legs a mile long and isn't afraid to show 'em. When she's not wearing dirt, plate mail, and a scowl while teaching the Kingslayer a thing or two, she's wearing dresses that some would consider indecently short, as if to say, "these wheels were meant to gleam and shimmer in the light of the day, and I give absolutely zero fucks who thinks otherwise." She's got eyes you can drown in. But she's also whip-smart, funny, and from all accounts adorable and charming as hell. She's the closest thing we've got to an actual goddess. So kneel, fools.

Kneel and be grateful.













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