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By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | December 29, 2008 |

If you haven’t seen Team America: World Police, shame on you. If you have, you know it’s got one of the most offensive musicals ever. “The gays and the straights and the whites and the spades, everyone has AIDS!” Well I’m finally catching up on Season Two of “Skins,” a British show that doesn’t amount to much more than light entertainment, but which has enough bits of hilarity and good little “moments” that I’m utterly addicted. Anyway, over the weekend I caught an episode which I think tops Team America in the offensive musical department.

This video is cut chronologically from the episode, so it actually starts with rehearsal of the final number. Doesn’t much matter as far as enjoyment of the clip goes. And the only bit of context you really need to know for it all is that the chick up in the light rafters in the beginning who’s envisioning herself in the lead, and who later shows up on-stage as the lead when the show is put on for reals, is a psycho stalker of the lead actor who sort of All About Eves her way into the role.

Boys and girls, “Osama! The Musical.”

“Now that’s an ending!” …I love Chris.

(I think I’ll miss the Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy most of all.)

Happy Inappropriate Tuesday

"Before my hopes all turn to dust..." / Seth Freilich

Miscellaneous | December 29, 2008 | Comments ()

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