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February 3, 2009 |

By Seth Freilich | Miscellaneous | February 3, 2009 |

Last month, Newsweek sat down with several Oscar nominees for a roundtable. The whole article is a good read, but one of Dustin’s many mancrushes, Robert Downey Jr., shared a particularly interesting story:

DOWNEY: I got a story for you. I go to Japan. “Iron Man” is opening there. I’m like, dude, this is my walk of fame. I go there and they go [he mimics a Japanese accent], “Small problem with your passport, it links up to some incredible criminal activity.” I’m like, yeah, yeah, yeah. “You did not make claim of said activity.” I was like, “I got tired.” “We would like to interrogate you.” I was like, “Interrogate? Fine, great.” Six hours later, I’m sitting there in the Japanese interrogation suite. A lady comes out. “So were you in jail or prison?” I go, “Both.” “How long?” “Sixteen months.” “Do you know the name of the first infraction you had in 1995?” I was like, “It’s hard for me to remember because I’ve been arrested so many times.” “We cannot let you enter our country.” They decided later that I can come in to do the press, “but I must please never come to Japan again.” So—I’ll wrap this up quickly. We go to the Iron Chef restaurant. They give me the finest Kobe beef, and I am doubled over for Yoo-hoo status for the next two days.
[FRANK] LANGELLA: I don’t know what that means.
DOWNEY: I ate a piece of beef that was superexpensive, I got a parasite and I was Yoo-hoo. I was Brown Betty for two days.

Brown Betty. How’s that working out for your little mancrush fantasies, Dustin?

And my Jewish heritage mandates that I always include references to circumcision when they’re ripe for the picking:

LANGELLA: There’s a great deal of talk about what’s the difference between American actors and British actors. British actors come at it from the outside. We all come at it from the inside.
[BRAD] PITT: I would’ve said circumcision.

I, for one, may never drink Yoo-Hoo Again / Seth Freilich

Miscellaneous | February 3, 2009 |

Seth is a Senior Editor and sometime critic. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

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