Neil Patrick Harris Fights Batman. With Song.

By TK | Miscellaneous | October 20, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Miscellaneous | October 20, 2009 |


I come, for once, not to bring you gloom and rage and shitty cinematic fucktardery. No, today is a day unlike any other. Today, I bring you laughs and so much awesomeness, you'll barf up rainbows and shit out wonderment. I bring you the glorious merger of two of our favorite things. I bring you ... Neil Patrick Harris and Batman. And singing.

No, seriously.

For those unaware, Cartoon Network has an animated series called "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," which usually features Batman teaming up with various other superheroes. It's much lighter fare than "Justice League Unlimited" or "Batman: The Animated Series." And here we have NPH playing The Music Meister in the episode "Mayhem of the Music Meister," as a singing villain who can bend people to his will. It's one part Dr. Horrible, one part "Once More, With Feeling," and one part Adam West-era Batman, rolled up into a giant ball of giggling glee.

Oh, NPH. Is there anything you can't do?

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