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November 13, 2006 |

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | November 13, 2006 |

It is time for NMN to man up and issue the second-ever “Recant and Re-Rant.” You see, after the “macaca” debacle in Virginia, I predicted that Senator Allen would still win the election. Cynically, I predicted that racism in this country is so staggeringly acceptable that a man could turn to another American, effectively call him a “porch monkey” and still be elected to the Senate.

As it turns out, that muthafucka George Allen lost to Senator-Elect Webb. I was wrong. (Though I must point out that the slim margin shows that I wasn’t that wrong.) There. I’ve admitted it. It makes my skin itch a little. But I’ve admitted I was wrong about the election.

So, I now turn my attention in a new direction.

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

I don’t mean to jump the gun, but it seems that soon enough this will be your title. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Democrats now control both houses of Congress. Yippee!

I was listening to Air America last Wednesday and was overwhelmed by the self-congratulatory victory party that was going on all day. It felt a little like the feel-good ending to a Bad News Bears movie. You know. The lovable underdogs triumph in the end despite having started out as a motley crew of losers. (Though he wasn’t actually on a ticket in ‘06, I’d like to cast Obama as the Black guy who is blazing fast. Every good sports movie should have one. Anyway…)

“We won! We won!” I celebrated in my car. Everyone seemed so excited. I was overwhelmed. Global warming be damned. Soon the Democrats would control Congress and it would be raining gum drops. Dogs and cats would get along. Toby Keith might write a sonnet professing his love for The Dixie Chicks. Whitney and Bobby might even get back together. “Heaven on Earth is on the way,” I mused. Then I got to wondering, “What did we win?” “And who the fuck is we?”

I wondered if we included the homeless people who have been so ignored and reviled by our society that kids have taken to beating their asses — sometimes to death — as a form of entertainment. I wondered if we included the nation’s population of black women who are being decimated by HIV/AIDS. I wondered if we included all of us, members of this society, who have watched this nation fall into a polarized political debate that serves no one but the small group of people who are in power.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose and God. Is there room for me in we?

I believe that immigrants (like both my parents) are best off when they learn and master English and I believe that “English-only” legislation often carries the stench of racism and xenophobia. Is there room for me in we?

I believe that we must each take responsibility for the state of our lives and I believe that we must collectively address the institutional and societal forces that conspire to keep people down because of their race, their gender, the economic class they were born into and/or whether they like to bump uglies with men or women. Is there room for me in we?

Will you work to ensure that every vote is counted or will you now conspire to play the same dirty tricks at the polls, only in the opposite direction? Will you work to take the “for sale” sign off of our elections — campaign reform is desperately needed — or will you line your pockets with the spoils of this blue vs. red ideological war? Will you work, even if it potentially costs you votes in the short-term, to move toward ideals like a living wage and universal health care?

Will a Democratic majority in the Congress be the dawn of a new day in America? Or will the Democrats prove my cynical theory about our two-party system, that there’s really only one “party” and very few Americans are invited.

I need to know. Because if your party is going to continue the “Republican-lite,” soft-spinned approach to politics that has been practiced by the likes of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton (you guys aren’t serious about nominating her, are you?) then I can lower my expectations now. If you won’t aspire to speak your mind while keeping it open, I might put in a call to the good folks over at Air America and tell them to calm down, too.

2008 is just around the political corner, so I suspect that the campaigning (read: fundraising) has already begun for some. (Question: If Congress is constantly campaigning, when do you actually do the jobs you’re elected to do?) And I know that two years isn’t enough time to change the world, but will you try to move things in a new direction?

Will you strive to see past red and blue to a purple America? (The gays might really like that. I understand they really like purple. Helllloooo. Tinky-Winky, anyone?)

In short, will your party be about shit?

Because, if not, it’s technically a new Congress … but really it’s just the same ol’ “macaca.”

Orlando Bishop, a.k.a., A New Millennium Nigga, is a writer living in L.A. You can find more of his work at The Musings of a New Millennium Nigga.

Mission Accomplished?!

A New Millennium Nigga

Miscellaneous | November 13, 2006 |

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