Michael Murray's Inappropriate Interview with Marion Cotillard
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Michael Murray's Inappropriate Interview with Marion Cotillard

By Michael Murray | Miscellaneous | December 26, 2012 | Comments ()


Earlier in the week I had the crazy good fortune to interview French actress Marion Cotillard for the Pajiba.I met her at the Windsor Arms in Toronto where she was doing some promotion for her new film "Rust and Bone."

Me: Holy Mother of God, you are just stunning! You are insanely beautiful! Jesus!!

Marion: Thank you, that's very sweet of you to say.

Me: Your voice is chocolate, French chocolate.

Marion: I see.

Me: I think I need my inhaler. Sorry. Jesus, this is embarrassing.

Marion: It's all right.

Me: It's just that you're so beautiful. You're luminous, like a cloud made of gold and light.

Marion: I'm just an actress who has agreed to talk to you about my new movie Rust and Bone that just opened in the United States.

Me: Yes, yes.

Marion: It is a wonderful film, very complex and beautiful.

Me: You train whales in this film, don't you? You're a beautiful marine biologist! I bet you look even better with your hair wet. It probably changes the way it smells. If I were a killer whale I would do whatever you told me to do!

Marion: Yes, well, the film is about a whale trainer who suffers a terrible accident where she loses her legs. She is both a physical and emotional amputee, and must let love back into her life. It was a very challenging role for me to play, but as an actor all you want to do is discover more about the human soul.

Me: You have such beautiful legs it would be a shame to lose them, even if it was just in a movie! But yeah, I think I know what you're saying about the human soul. I get it. You were in Batman, too, weren't you? I always thought you'd make a great Catwoman. Have you ever thought about being Catwoman? You're more beautiful than Halle Berry times Michelle Pfeiffer times Anne Hathaway times Halle Berry again, plus all the old TV ones.

Marion: I think that they did marvelous jobs playing that role and I don't think I'd want to repeat work that had been done so well. I like to always do something new, to always challenge myself.

Me: My wife thinks that I'm a real challenge.

Marion: I am sure that she does.

Me: What movie do you think you were most beautiful in?

Marion: It's been a pleasure Mister Murray, but I am afraid I'm on a very tight schedule and I have an another appointment to keep now.

(This interview has been modified and republished from the blog of Michael Murray. Mr. Murray is a freelance writer living in Toronto. You can also check out his Facebook page.)

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  • Malware

    I don't like this.

  • kammm

    Weak. Like an SNL skit. One note and ride it the whole way. That's not wit.

  • pissant

    It's Pajiba trying to do original content instead of reviews. It's usually Michael Murray, and it usually sucks.

  • lowercase_ryan

    This, like most SNL skits, was only given the space/time to hit one note. If the note works or not is one thing, but to criticize a one note joke for only having one note is dumb. Also, lots of supremely witty things have contained only one note.

  • Milly

    I remember seeing her in Taxi and she epitomised everything that I thought was great about French women; inherently feisty yet delicate, allergic to clothing and drop dead beautiful.

    It was nice to see her popping up in English language films a decade later.

  • cinekat

    Next time, try for strong and silent. Or at the very least, enigmatic. Of course, that's where I fail every time.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Thank you. If I ever see her in person and open my mouth, I now know exactly how it will go. So I'll just stare and smile.

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