Marilyn Manson Was A Hot Sticky Mess On 'Talking Dead' Last Night

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Marilyn Manson Was A Hot Sticky Mess On 'Talking Dead' Last Night

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | October 28, 2013 | Comments ()

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First of all, Marilyn Manson is EXACTLY who I want to see talking about The Walking Dead. No joke, Hardwick, this is good television. Anyway, Manson was on Talking Dead last night to discuss the episode “Isolation” and his appearance was as meandering and, uh, “delightful” as you would expect. First of all, he kept referring to Carol as “Activia.” Because she reminded him of “Activia” spokeswoman Jaimie Lee Curtis. He’s not wrong, folks. I move we call Carol “Activia” from now on.


Manson also “ships” Carol and Darryl. That’s right, folks. Marilyn Manson, he’s just like us. He went on to claim he always knew Shane was bad news because of his ears. “Then, you have Shane, who I like to call criminally eary, because his ear looks criminal. There’s an old study about the shape of people’s ears makes them criminal or not.”


But there were moments, non ear-related moments, where Manson was almost lucid. He tried to compare The Governor to Hiltler (who hasn’t?) and make a sophisticated observation on Rick’s failed attempt at Democracy. But he was quickly back on the crazy train observing that Carol likely killed who she killed because it was her time of the month. Yeah. “No, but I think the recklessness of it. She was just making decisions on her own emotions. She’s mad about all the things in her life. Maybe, she hasn’t gotten laid in awhile. She’s like menstruating. Who knows what’s going on?”

You can read a full transcription of the crazy here. Love Manson’s appearance or hate it, there’s one thing we can all agree on. For dealing with all that, Chris Hardwick deserves a hug. I mean it!


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