Maine's Governor Says President Obama "Hates White People," Continues To Be The Country's Worst Governor

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Maine's Governor Says President Obama "Hates White People," Continues To Be The Country's Worst Governor

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 20, 2013 | Comments ()


I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like it needs to be said in defense of my home state of Maine: Our crazy, awful, lunatic Tea Party Governor is a product of a state that doesn’t have a run-off vote. In 2010, Governor LePage was voted Governor of a fairly progressive New England state because the hapless Democrat and a popular Independent candidate split the vote, giving the election to LePage with only 38 percent of the popular vote.

Since then, this man has embarrassed this state at every conceivable goddamn turn. Here is a sampling of the horrible things he’s said as Governor:

  • On his desire to repeal a law banning Bisphenol A, a chemical compound used in plastics: “The only thing that I’ve heard is if you take a plastic bottle and put it in the microwave and you heat it up, it gives off a chemical similar to estrogen. So the worst case is some women may have little beards.”

  • He called the IRS the “new gestapo” although he didn’t seem to have a complete understanding of what the gestapo was, saying only that he knew they “killed a lot of people,” which is what he thought the IRS was doing in enforcing Obama’s health-care law.

  • A few months ago, he suggested of one of our Democratic state reps, who was blocking LePage’s agenda, that he “claims to be for the people but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline,” and doubled down by suggesting that the state rep — a former logger — “ought to go back into the woods and cut trees and let someone with a brain come down here and do some good work.” That’ s probably not the wisest thing to say in a state where logging is a big industry.

  • LePage, not a fan of the local newspapers, also told a group of school students once that “Reading newspapers in the state of Maine is like paying somebody to tell you lies.” Earlier this month, while using an F-35 Lightning II simulator, he also said that he wanted “to find the Portland Press Herald building and blow it up.” Classy.

  • I won’t even get into the details of his decision to remove a mural from the state house in his first weeks in office because he thought the mural was pro-Union, a controversy that made national headlines.

    Thirteen state Republicans also renounced their party earlier this week in part because of LePage and his assholery. If you’re running as a Republican in this state — a state once known for reasonable, common sense Republicans (see Olympia Snow, Susan Collins), you’ve got not shot in hell if you in any way associate yourself with LePage.

    And now, LePage has dug himself in even deeper, telling a group of Republicans at a donor meeting last week that “Obama hates white people.” Nevermind that Obama is half-white and that he was raised, in part, by his white grandparents: Obama is a failure as a President because, as a biracial President, he failed to emphasize his white heritage because “he hates white people.”

    Of course he does.

    It should be noted that Obama won 58 percent of the white vote in Maine (which is 99 percent white) in the last election, while LePage only mustered 38 percent, which at least suggests that the state’s white people like Obama more than they like LePage.

    Anyway, I just wanted to apologize to the rest of the country on behalf of our state and the moron we’ve inadvertently elected to run it.

    Oh, I’m sorry. LePage is not the worst governor in the country; he’s apparently, the second worst.

    (Source: Portland Press Herald)

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    • Salzigtal

      To see how far the Republicans have fallen, read a bio of The HONORABLE Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin (R-MT).

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    • e jerry powell

      Oh, hon.

      I don't need any awareness of a person than makes Rick Perry look like a genius.

    • Morgan_LaFai

      My questions are as follows:
      1. Who is the worst governor?
      2. Are there no recall options in your state?
      3. Is anyone trying to pursue a recall?

      Also, don't feel bad, my city reelected Marion Berry mayor after he got busted for using crack and prostitutes. At least your dude is just willfully ignorant.

    • weaponsgradefacepalm

      2 - No, Maine has no recall option.
      3 - yes, attempts are being made to create one.

      Governor Lepage came to my workplace, Lewiston High School, this past spring. He spoke about domestic violence and bullying.

      Given how much of a bully he is, I nearly died of the hypocrisy radiating from him.

    • Morgan_LaFai

      Thank you very much for filling in my gaps of knowledge. My only recall knowledge comes from living in California, and there it is surprisingly easy. Some might even say, too easy. But the Governater grew on me over time.

    • cgthegeek

      But... that's not how estrogen... oh never mind...

    • Archie Leach

      I remember a time when the term "crazy wing of the republican party" wasn't redundant.

    • Slash

      Thanks, Maine, for making Texas look slightly better. I mean, Perry's no rocket surgeon, but I'm fairly sure even he hasn't said something as stupid as the examples provided above.

      What the hell, Maine? You used to be cool.

    • Bananaranma

      38% of the vote...The Dems nominated a boring career politician. Eliot Cutler, a Democratic leaning independent, jumped in and split the D vote. LePage weasels in.

    • DominaNefret

      Gov. Vag- Probe Give-Me-Prezzies McDonnell is the worst.
      He's currently being investigated by the FBI!
      He created Confederate History Month without acknowledging slavery!
      Transvaginal ultrasounds, forcing women to look at pictures of print outs, then wait 24 hours!

      Accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars of undisclosed gifts from the president of a company he was promoting!

      On and on and on.

    • PerpetualIntern

      Sigh. I love my state. But this is so not cool.

    • George Tarleton

      Rick Perry
      Rick Scott
      Scott Walker
      Rick Snyder

      Why are so many of the worst guys named some variant of Rick or Scott?

      I know what I'm NOT naming my son, should I ever have one.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I'm looking for the Tea Party to be on the business end of a major backlash come the next election cycle. They will hold their strongholds, the gerrymandered districts in the deep red states, but I think (hope) a lot of the more centrally aligned parts of the country will have seen enough and kick them the hell out.


    • Maguita NYC

      Have you guys seen this regarding the shenanigans in NC? Bill explains his views on the whys of it, and the sum of all the crazy is mind boggling, especially as it IS happening in the US!

      5 minutes of awesome.

    • TheReinaG

      Oh good God, I moved up to NC a few months ago from Texas, I didn't think anywhere could be stupider than Texas. Oh god I was so wrong, so very fucking wrong. Luckily, I'm out in a couple more months.

    • lowercase_ryan

      even more stuff has gone down since that was filmed.

    • Maguita NYC

      Wow, did not think it could get any worse. What more happened? Did they ban electricity because it was the devil's work?

    • Meg

      Seriously, don't give them any ideas.

      Lets see, the greatest hits: Beyond sharia law/guns/no abortion, we have lots of voter ID restrictions that not only mandate state ID but also attack early voting and in particular minority and youth voting (I kid you not, the law bans a high school civics program.)

      We've also stopped raises for teachers (who are already underpaid when compared to national averages) and outlawed tenure. We've cut unemployment and the length for which you can receive it in a state that has the 5th highest unemployment rate. We've also opted out of Medicaid expansion which is provided under Obamacare and prevented the creation of a local healthcare exchange because why the fuck not.

      What else, what else. Oh, the proposed tax plan! They wanted to cut income tax and make up the difference with sales tax which even Art Pope could see was regressive and a terrible fucking idea.

    • lowercase_ryan

      I was thinking the medicaid and the unemployment benefits, but yeah, all of this.

    • Meg

      Like to put it in perspective, Dems won the popular vote (it was by a fraction of a percentage point but still) yet some how the GOP ended up with a 35 seat majority, one of the top three largest GOP majorities the NC House has seen in a 100 years. Redistricting seriously just makes me hate everything.

    • lowercase_ryan

      well now I just want to cry.

    • Meg

      Well there's lots of people who have been up in arms about it, the Moral Monday protests have been going strong since April, hundreds of people coming out in Raleigh and now Asheville and Charlotte every week, I think there's been something like 800 arrests since they began. I live here so I hear about it all the time, I have no idea if that's made it's way to the national news. In fact the protesters have a higher approval rating than our legislature which is somewhere around 25% these days heh. So who knows, maybe optimism isn't dead yet!

    • TheReinaG

      Did you hear what they said about medicinal marijuana? The state said they "would not even address it" because "they kept getting all these calls and emails" about it (from say.. the people they represent) and "they were being harassed by their constituents."

    • Alarmjaguar

      Haven't seen it in the national news, but my friends on FB are keeping it alive and well there

    • Meg

      I wish, but you have to realize just how terribly gerrymandered the entire state is. After the 2010 wave of Republican wins, they rewrote all the legislative districts in their favor so that even though the Democrats actually won the popular vote in 2012 for the Senate and the House, we ended up losing both due to how the districts had been redrawn. And with the repeal of the VRA and the addition of the country's worst voter ID law, 2014 isn't looking all that good :/

    • lowercase_ryan

      The worst thing is that what's happening outside of NC isn't getting much attention.

    • Meg

      True, it does seem like the media likes to cling to specific states to hold up as examples when in reality the kinds of laws that state is passing is mostly representative of stuff lots of states are doing. Arizona with sb1070, Wisconsin with the union busting, Texas abortion laws, Virginia ultrasound bill :/

      And that's what kind of pisses me off about that commenter farther up who was all YAWN not my state, who cares. Because it COULD be your state, this shit creates precedent and often emboldens others to go in the same direction.

    • TheReinaG

      Texas passed that same Ultrasound bill a few years ago.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      Oh, is THAT why I have a beard...

    • lowercase_ryan

      I know your pain. Arizona has similar issues except our embarrassments get over 50% of the vote.

    • I'm originally from Wisconsin, but I did my best to try and get Scott Walker recalled. I also apologize.

    • DeaconG

      At least you guys are still fighting; unlike Florida, which has become "Thank you, sir, may I have another?"

    • stella

      Wait.... is he pulling a reverse kanye west?

    • Another Kate

      To Maine: From the great Commonwealth of Virginia, home of Governor "Transvaginal" Bob "No, it was my WIFE who took all those...hey, wait a minute," McConnell; home of Lieutenant Governor Ken "The Cooch Needs No Introduction Here" Cuccinelli; We salute you. (NB: I'm originally from Kansas, home of Governor Sam "Too Conservative for Congress" Brownback, so you could say I feel your pain.)

    • dizzylucy

      Clearly LePage hates intelligence, decency, and common sense.

    • Jerce

      ...Continues To Be The Country's Worst Governor

      Hey hey HEY!
      - Rick Perry, TX

    • Damn straight! Rick "Mofo" Perry will give anyone you can bring against him a run for their money. Unfortunately, he accurately reflects most of Texas' electorate. Just goes to show you, beautiful, wonderful people as individuals can turn into raging morons en masse.

    • Meg

      This actually kind of puts my hatred of Pat McCory into some perspective. NC still made the list but apparently we're being run by a "clown" not a "ringmaster."

      But I relate SO HARD to just feeling embarrassed sometimes. I just seriously CAN NOT with NC politics these days, don't even get me started on anything relating to reproductive health, voting rights, the budget and cuts to education, Medicaid, the tax changes or the repeal of the Racial Justice Act. Just UGGGHHHH.

    • juzzlehizzle

      This guy would have a flourishing career in South African politics.
      We cherish motor-mouthed assholes who talk more than they think down here.

    • I thought the first one was funny, the rest of them were kind of 'eh.' I dunno, it's kind of hard for me to gin up any kind of outrage when it comes to the state politics of states I don't live in.

    • George Tarleton

      Congrats on your utter apathy towards the plight of your fellow citizens.

    • I'm doing the same thing that 9 out of 10 people who don't currently live in Maine are doing, I'm just more honest about it. Tell you what, if it'll make you feel better I'll start a Facebook petition. I hear those are always super effective.

    • Deidra

      Because state political issues rarely expand beyond their own immediate borders? While you have your head in the sand, you won't mind if I insert this ultrasound wand inside you, right?

    • I'm not saying it's not a problem, but even if it is, it's still not -my- problem. If the people in Maine don't like their governor, that's what recall elections are. Hell, CA managed it and that state is roughly a bajillion times the size of Maine and much more heavily populated with nuts and flakes. If the people who actually live in Maine can't be bothered, I don't know what I'm expected to do. I suppose I could wring my hands and be all 'that's so terrible' and 'Republicans be crazy' but the rest of the comments seem to have that covered and I don't really see that as a productive use of my time in general.

    • George Tarleton

      When Scott Walker, Rick Scott, and Rick Snyder, and Governor Ultrasound are all rated higher than you? You're not just a bad governor - you might actually be the Antichrist.

    • NateMan

      Dammit. Maine remains my favorite place in the world - at least their shoreline is. But he's working hard to change my 'once I'm wealthy' plans.

    • Captain_Tuttle

      Wow, what an impressively stupid man he is. I had to click on the "2nd worst gov" link, fully expecting to see my own governor (Rick Scott) on top of the list. Imagine my surprise when Georgia beat Florida for that honor. And I'm stunned that ol' Rick is only the 5th worst governor. Clearly he's not trying hard enough.

    • Wednesday

      We're number 1! We're number 1!

      Oh, right...nevermind.

      (This isn't really news to me, sadly).

    • DeltaJuliet

      You know, he had some decent ideas for welfare "reform" that had potential, but he fills up the rest of the space with such ignorant BS that the few coherent thoughts he has are muddled up.
      When he made that Vaseline comment, I actually cringed. He makes himself, and us, look like unprofessional, ignorant rednecks.

    • I'll see your insane cartoon character governor and raise you Tom Corbett, a guy with an approval rating in the 30s who lets natural gas companies frack apart the state with no oversight. Oh, and those gas companies operate tax-free, too.

    • Devin McMusters

      That would make Mr. Obama self-loathing if it was true. And he certainly is the opposite of that.

    • Tracer Bullet

      I certainly do not agree with the Tea Party's politics, but I do not understand why all of their standard bearers prefer the "Mean and Stupid" approach to politics. I mean, you don't HAVE to be an ignorant lunatic to be a conservative (though it certainly helps). Even if you disagree with moderates and liberals, it seems like a good idea to remember that those people vote.

    • e jerry powell

      What freaks me out, though, is that so many American politicians have advanced degrees (perennial quitter Palin notwithstanding). These people are not supposed to be that stupid, but you'd never know it listening to them in soundbites on the daily news, or, even worse, on CSPAN.

      I mean, a B.A. will get you a secretarial job in the real world. A JD or an MD -- or, god forbid, a PhD. -- is supposed to count towards some intelligence, right?

      Give me some reality TV, quick. If I don't see Tyra Banks really soon, I may have to go to rural France and die of terminal despair.

    • Slash

      You are incorrect. You do indeed HAVE to be an ignorant lunatic to be a "conservative" now. That's their brand. They've spent the last 20-some years building it, they own it now.

      If you vote Republican now, you ARE supporting these people. Maybe many Republican voters are too stupid to see this, but the rest of us aren't.

    • DeaconG

      You mean "their version of Republican". The lines have shifted quite a bit since the 50s, many people don't understand that.

      I would have been considered an "Eisenhower Republican" sixty years ago (no foreign wars, stay out of my bedroom and my wallet and eff the military-industrial complex), now I'm considered a flaming liberal.

      EDIT: There's an article at OpenLeft that I read years ago called "The Political Duality of Rep and Dem" that would explain the shift that's been going on in the last 30-40 years as far as this mess is concerned. Here's the link:

      You may also want to click through to Shawn Rosenberg's paper on "Structures of Geopolitical Reasoning", it's a bit heavy but it expands on the points in the post.

      When you're done with that, look up a copy of Barclay's Propaganda (it was written in the late 20s but is still the quintessential PR handbook). Between those two you should get at least the basics of what's been happening.

    • Slash

      I'm not sure who's dumber: the "Tea Party" Republicans, or the ones who don't realize the inmates are running that asylum now.

      Their "version" of Republican is Republican now. The Republicans are the stupid party. You can either acknowledge that and vote accordingly, or continue to live in denial, like the Democrats who think that voting only every 4 years in presidential elections is going to make a difference.

      Meanwhile, the idiots like LePage and Rick Perry will continue to set the (low) standard. And the stupid old people who actually vote in every election (like my mother) will continue elevating the idiots to high public office.

    • DeaconG

      You have to understand that the Tea Party, as it originally was constructed to be, was a group that was fed up with 'business as usual' across the board. I remember when the group was first established and it was supposed to be somewhat egalitarian, but within six weeks watched it become captive to right-wing interests, pushing anyone center or left out of the way. Once I saw the RNC start nosing around them I knew they were a lost cause.

      BTW, the birth of the Tea Party, IIRC, was ascribed to a Wall Street trader who went on a God-almighty rant about how he believed he should make as much money as he wanted without government interference. Go figure.

    • VohaulsRevenge

      That would be Rick Santelli, who was so righteously outraged at the government bailing out businesses and mortgages that have since made him and his pals a ton of money. I've had to watch CNBC at work for years (much to my chagrin), and I'll never forget the shit-eating grins plastered on everyone's face when TARP passed--these small-government people who align themselves with the party and are admired in turn. Go figure.

    • emmalita

      I have loved ones that have been tea partiers since the beginning. I disagree with them, but they aren't crazy racist assholes who hate the poor. At least one of them admits to feeling co-opted by the crazy wing of the Republican Party.

    • Mrcreosote

      Compromise, discussion and mandates are for pussies!! Damn people are taking what I worked hard to earn! Wham Bam sweet Poon Tang!! These are the calls of the wild tea party Republican. It's a Scylla and Charybdis situation, where you need to ride the tiger to get elected, but getting off the tiger to govern is much, much harder. Plus I'm pretty sure the President does hate some white people. Although not as many as I probably hate.

    • Al Borland's Beard

      I can't talk. My state elected Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachman and Jessie Ventura.

    • As much of a blowhard and egomaniac as Ventura was, he actually was a reasonable political figure who had some interest in governing. Fiscally moderate/conservative, socially progressive, he'd fit right in the center of today's Democratic party in MN

    • e jerry powell

      Which is kind of frightening, really.

      But then I start talking to friends in western Europe who see Obama as center-right, and I don't know what to think anymore.

    • Misomaniac

      Yeah. But at least Ventura was a practical joke that got a teeny bit out of hand. People kept voting for Bachmann with intent.

    • And the whole state didn't vote for Bachmann, just one crazy district.

    • Misomaniac

      Yep. That's why her district is shaped so oddly. They gerrymandered all the crazies into one district. Although I'm not sure if it was the GOP or DFL that did it.

    • Al Borland's Beard

      True. That's her district, I guess. I don't think she wins if runs in the Minneapolis or St Paul districts.

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