Junkfood Cinema: Trading Places, Switching Faces
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Junkfood Cinema: Trading Places, Switching Faces

By Brian Salisbury and C. Robert Cargill | Miscellaneous | April 1, 2014 | Comments ()


In this, well, rather unusual episode of Junkfood Cinema, Cargill and I delve into the backwards, topsy-turvy world of body-swap movies. Whether via a fortune cookie, a birthday wish, or the totally possible act of physically trading faces, these films offer a variety of avenues for transcending one’s given physical form and developing total empathy. Also, you know, Face/Off. Also, not to give too much away, but one of us admits to formerly wearing an earring.

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On This Week’s Show:

  • Vice [0:55 - 46:52]

  • Versa [46:53 - 49:10]

  • Denouement [49:11 - 50:40]

Films Discussed:

Face/Off DVDHeavy MetalDream a Little Dream

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  • Michael Hayes

    What? No Judge Reinhold?

  • Michael Walkowiak

    So happy the new episode is on.

  • Billy Magada

    The girl from Dream a Little Dream was my first crush ever.

  • DarthCorleone

    Wait...so Film Rejects has a "C. Robert" as well?

    *feeling threatened by the non-uniqueness of his moniker*

  • googergieger

    If I've said it once, I'll say it again.

    Who are all you people?

  • JFC is only on its 5th episode, so you may have missed it before now, but we're really proud of it at Pajiba HQ.

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