Jaw-Dropping Lingerie Campaign Reveals More Skin Than You've Ever Seen Before
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Jaw-Dropping Lingerie Campaign Reveals More Skin Than You've Ever Seen Before

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | January 27, 2014 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.34.02 AM.png

Elly Mayday was, I suppose, not a “typical” lingerie model to begin with. Forever Yours Lingerie, the company who hired her, to be the center of her ad campaign do so because “she was a size 14 and had a nice bust and a small waist and big, full hips and behind. We wanted to represent that look.” Here are them curves in action.


However, the 25 year-old model had a rare form of Ovarian cancer and had to undergo treatment. Alas the means she is no long-Wait what? She’s still the center of the Forever Yours Lingerie campaign? You’re damn right she is. If you go to their website, this is the first image you’ll see:


Better yet is this ad which directly addresses Mayday’s fight against cancer.


Mayday expressed her gratitude for the company’s support which has included a portion of the proceeds from every pair of underwear sold. She said:

It’s a wonderful thing to have such caring people to work with. They have supported me through thick and thin — literally— sickness and health and are still with me today. As you can see this photo represents more than just a sports bra. It represent the acceptance we all need to have for one another as well as ourselves…

Over 7,000 dollars was given to me to help me pay for unexpected costs, like my needles this week that cost $1000 not covered by provincial health care. I bought a new juicer and have been able to afford to eat organically as well. just to list a few things… $2 from every pair of underwear sold as well as in-store and online donations. What an incredible gift. I am so blessed♥

I can never thank you enough for the support.pun intended

I hate to throw the phrase “real woman” around, but good god damn.


(via EA)

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  • It's a Pleasure to see "Real Women"!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time the fashion world wakes especially when the norm is women with real beef on their bones! Kudos to the strength of women to embrace change in their lives. Life should be called Change because it Never stays the same... ever! The best to all of these brave heroic Ladies and their loved ones supporting them each step of the way. I am a musician and should there be any benifits, I'd love to help out with my music... Get in touch! OctaviaBlues.com, Octavia

  • Emm82

    This woman is awesome, and I'd bet that the advertising style would gain more donations than save the boobs - It certainly deserves to

  • $78742978

    I didn't even know bodies like that were possible.

  • Ben

    Ok so I am not that experience with the customs of womens underwear ads, but don't they usually have... womens underwear in them? What's the deal with the last photo?

  • firedmyass

    It is, I assume, an additional image of the gorgeous woman referenced in the article. Many professional models often have several photos in their portfolios.

  • Ben

    well that would make perfect sense and make me look like an idiot wouldn't it.

  • Very, very cool!

  • lowercase_ryan

    That black and white photo makes me feel like I'm having inappropriate thoughts about Pit Bull :/

    aside from that, everything about this is wonderful and if I wore women's underwear I would buy from these people.

  • John G.

    why aren't more women bald? She looks fantastic.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    This is the best thing I've seen today. Thanks.

  • Melina

    I kind of teared up. A lot.

  • simplysarah

    Not going to lie, I did too.

  • Lawd-a-mussy, what a story! I love this! I love everything about it! It's after dinner and yet my day has suddenly been made.
    I also need to confess that even though I am 100% straight several of these photos are doing smurgly things to my special places. What a GORGEOUS girl. I hope she kicks cancer's ass and takes its lunch money.

  • profession: none, or starlet

    FYI: stealing "smurgly".

  • bonnie

    I hope she kicks cancer. She is a brave and truly gorgeous lady.

  • bastich

    I'll just let this pic speak for me:

  • Rondette

    She's my size twin! I've only just come round to loving my hip to waist ratio. After a decade of hiding it I have been told by several people recently how great my figure is - so it's nice to see her out there rocking those curves, hopefully showing other Hippy girls that they should be proud!

  • Skyler Durden

    +1 for the awesome model.

    -1,000,000 for leaving the apostrophe out of "cancer's".

    It's a possessive . Get it together!

  • Kris

    Well, now I know where I'll be shopping for my V-day finery.

  • InternetMagpie

    DOSE HIPS. Damn.

  • stardust

    Well, holy hot damn. She just sold me some lingerie.

  • Steve

    It's a win-win! Yowza!

  • belphebe

    I'm so inspired by her willingness to let her surgery scars just hang out. I might have to put the last picture up in the bathroom for inspiration during one of my stretch-mark self-hate sessions

  • NateMan

    That's... That's just so damned cool.

  • PuraPuma

    This. Is. Awesome. She is gorgeous and brave and what a great company.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Meanwhile, with their oddest Muppet reference to date, exclamations of "WOMAN! WOMAN!" can be heard throughout the Pajibterate.

  • Wrestling Fan

    This is really damn impressive!
    Kudos to everyone involved!

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