It's Wilson Appreciation Day
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It's Wilson Appreciation Day

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 31, 2012 | Comments ()


Here's some inside baseball you didn't ask for: In the eight years of Pajiba's existence, no matter what direction we've taken, how our tone has evolved, or how much we have attempted to make ourselves ever so slightly less caustic, it's always been important to me that we carry an intellectual or three on staff. We have our clever writers, scathing writers, angry writers, geeky writers, wonky writers, nerdy writers, and pop-culture riffing writers, and and they're all very important (and very popular), but I always want to ensure there's a smart, insightful, and thoughtful voice among us, even if that voice doesn't always produce huge numbers of page views. There's Dan, of course, and Ranylt Richildis, and Drew Morton, and Jeremy C. Fox, and a couple of others that have filled that slot in the years since Pajiba launched. Their header images don't come with half-naked women or shirtless dudes, and their headlines aren't sexually-charged, so they don't often merit the viral attention that many of the writers on staff do, but they serve a hugely important function to the site: They enlighten, they impress, they provoke our minds, and they make us smarter.

Steven Lloyd Wilson has helped enormously to fill that space for us over the last three and a half years. I'll be honest with you, too: When he started back in February of 2009, we didn't really know what to do with him. His stuff didn't exactly fit with what we were doing on the site, and initially there were some growing pains on both sides. He continued on, however, and eventually, the site grew around him. I like to think that, no matter what the topic, there's always room for a thoughtful, brilliant mind like Steven's, and over the years, he's created our Pajiba Storytellers series, become a huge contributor to our think pieces, and on a personal note, his poignant reviews of "Doctor Who" were what finally convinced me to watch them.

Often, however, I feel like his posts go underappreciated by a wider web audience. It's the Internet, after all, and the Internet often looks the other way if there are too many syllables on a page and not enough pretty pictures (tl;dr). So, ahead of the long holiday weekend, I want to spend most of the rest of today highlighting some of my favorite SLW contributions over the years, just to give a few of his posts a second opportunity to be read. It's the Friday before Labor Day, so I expect many of you are killing time rather than working, and I can't encourage you enough to use that time to read some of the republished works of SLW. You may find that some of them will touch you, while others may make you consider certain topics in a new way, and others still will merely amuse. If you connect with one, I encourage you to share it with others, not because I'm trying to gin up page views (which I could more easily do by posting Christina Hendricks and Ryan Gosling photos all day), but because I think more people should be introduced to Steven's even-handed, lyrical and brainy writings.

On a related note, most of you probably don't realize this, but it's worth nothing that Steven has actually written a sci-fi novel, Katorga, and if you like what you see this afternoon, please consider picking it up at Amazon. You won't be disappointed, and it's a great way to express appreciation for one of the Internet's smartest minds.

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  • Allison

    I just wanted to say that I love SLW's posts/writings. I read all of his writings you reposted and many that you didn't. Thanks SLW for bringing a paticularly thoughtful, intelligent element regularly to pajiba. We appreciate you!

  • but what of the volleyball?

  • Uriah_Creep

    On a related note, most of you probably don’t realize this, but it’s
    worth nothing that Steven has actually written a sci-fi novel

    Well, surely it's worth something.

  • I'm reading Pajiba on my iPad, in reverse (clicking back to the previous post, not forward to the next). Thanks for this. I thought Steven Lloyd Wilson had hacked your site and was publishing every damned story you'd rejected previously. Good stuff!

  • Guest

    Go, SLW! I missed this post until just now, thinking it was about a Tom Hanks movie I don't particular give two hoots about. I love me an opinionated egghead, and it's nice to see Pajiba maintaining a tradition.

  • kerokan

    Me too! and I thought at first that SLW was dead or something :p

  • brite

    Hear hear! (o is it Here here! ?) I look forward to and enjoy SLW's writing and musings on this site. During the doldrums of US TV series reporting it's often been the only thing that keeps me coming back. Thank you Dustin for mining this gem!

  • SLW

    *Peruses site*

    This will be adequate, I will release your family forthwith, Dustin.

    In all seriousness, I looked at the site this afternoon and was utterly shocked at what conspiracy had unfolded here. Thank you so much for the kind words, Dustin, and thank all of you for the comments. I am still astonished that I get to write articles every week, and that people actually take the time to read and comment on them.

  • Young_Grandma_Ben

    Late I am, as usual. But when I saw this post was you, I had to chime in and tell you how much I enjoy your work and how often you articulate what I know, but can't revise enough times to say! I just posted your Spiritual Atheism piece on my Facebook and this is what I said about it: "Steven LLoyd Wilson over at Pajiba is one of my favorite essayists. This piece is elegant and thoughtful, devastatingly rational and just a little bawdy. Long but worth the read!" More importantly, I passed it on to my 14 year old atheist, who sometimes finds defending her position a little overwhelming here in the Bible belt. She knows her mind well for a teenager, but sometimes the words don't flow as easily for her as they do for the well-trained proselytizers who attack her. Your craft will strengthen her shield! Thank you.

  • Nadine

    You know what? I read the odd think piece, but nothing like enough. I am all over this this weekend, hell yeah.

    And I hope that book ships UK ways.

  • BiblioGlow

    Yay! This may be my new favorite holiday. Whenever I come to Pajiba and see a new SLW article I clear some time to read, enjoy, and let my thoughts wander where he leads.

  • POINGjam

    I was expecting an article about growing attached to inanimate objects as though they were people and how it's totally okay and not weird and I'm not going crazy, I'm not, I'm not.

  • Forbiddendonut

    Excellent. Love his stuff. SLW is the man!

  • Return of Santitas

    I did plan to spend my weekend reading...this is sweet. Great idea, esp. over a weekend.

  • SLW is actually the reason I decided to de-lurk to a minor degree. Excited for more Wilson appreciation :)

  • Yossarian

    Katorga is $5 on Kindle. You should at least snag the free preview if you have a Kindle device.

  • wojtek

    Spectacular idea. Obviously, I'm a fan.

    And "Katorga" is a pretty ballsy thing to call one's book, at least around these parts :) Reviewers would have a field day with those puns.

  • Jerce

    Oh. Whew! I thought SLW had quit Pajiba, or died or something...
    There are no Pajiba writers that I don't like; but SLW does stand out.
    (Oh, the rest of you feel slighted by that? Well then...improve yourselves!)

  • Anna von Beav

    SLW is *kind of* my favorite, and has been since he started.

    DON'T TELL THE OTHERS. You know how they get. Especially that Noles character.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    I love you all, but I love SLW the mostest*. If this were real life I would do a cheer**.

    *This is like asking me to pick my favorite child because the livebloging the 90s is the best too. And the reviews. And Pajiba love. (sigh).

    **I was a cheerleader for one year in high school. This is unbelievable on many levels.

  • PollyQ

    By a happy coincidence, I just posted a quote/link to his Spiritual Atheism piece on my tumblr. Now, I don't have that many followers, so I can't guarantee an inrush of new readers. Still, perhaps one person will be introduced to the eloquence and insight of Mr. Wilson, and that will be one more fortunate person in this world.

  • Mrcreosote

    Huzzah! For aas much as I love me some shirtless cake of either beef or cheese, The Norse Scion's writings invariably make me consider things that I'd often not ever thought about. And that is better than a kick in the jewels.

  • Tinkerville

    I'm almost as excited for Steven's fantastic Doctor Who reviews to come back as I am for the actual show.

  • Snath

    I'm going through the show for the first time now, and I have yet to read his reviews. Now I'm excited to!

  • TOB

    Me too! I am another who started watching the show because of his recaps and I will be ever in his debt because of it.

  • Kate at June

    Yay for Steven! This may have been the first time I've commented on a post of his; his piece earlier was wonderful.

  • dsbs

    Excellent. Thanks for doing this, Dustin. Always love an excuse to read some SLW, and it's a bit sad (though not all that surprising) to read about the page views. I had no idea there was a book, though - thanks for the head's up.

  • Snath

    This is pretty damn awesome. You deserve it, Steven!

  • Funky_Brewster

    I love his posts! Thanks for this.

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