It Looks Like They've Got Zaniness. I Hate Zaniness.

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It Looks Like They've Got Zaniness. I Hate Zaniness.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | January 22, 2014 | Comments ()


American Idol on Fox at 8:00pm ET. Like Dustin, I’m reconsidering my stance on watching this season based on the clips of Harry Connick Jr. actually attempting to impart genuine criticism and music education to those auditioning and his fellow judges. I am certain it’s going to go about as well as pissing into the wind, but for someone who not only excelled at music theory but tutored others in the subject, it could be deeply intellectually satisfying. For the twenty seconds Fox actually lets him talk before Ryan Seacrest cuts him off to go to commercial or to the next carefully crafted sob story. And I’m remembering why I never watch reality competitions: too little time spent on the actual skill, too much time spent gabbing and creating “tension” so people don’t flip away after the eighth commercial break.

Klondike on Discovery at 9:00pm ET. Mini-series finale. The internet has seriously let me down on the Robb Stark visual puns so far. Then again, I haven’t really heard about a lot of people watching this, so perhaps that’s the problem.

American Horror Story on FX at 10:00pm ET.

Workaholics on Comedy Central at 10:00pm ET. Fourth season premiere.

Broad City on Comedy Central at 10:30pm ET. Series premiere. The new, Amy Poehler-produced comedy about two young women trying to make it in New York city. Hijinks, presumably, ensue.

Genevieve Burgess will wait until someone puts together a supercut of Harry Connick Jr. being awesome.

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  • Robert Sanchez III

    Watched Broad city just now and I really really liked it. Felt like a cross between girls and workaholics.

  • JeanettMettler

    what does it main important for the Zaniness?

  • Monica

    You should check out the Broad City ladies on youtube if you are unsure. It started off very un-zany and more like a funny version of Girls.

  • Guest

    Suburgatory @ 8:30 on ABC!

  • John W

    I'll give Broad City a try, hopefully it won't engender the kind of discussion we've had about Girls.

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