Indiana Jones Is Going to Be So Super Pissed When He Finds Out Demi Moore Discovered the Fountain of Youth First

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | March 20, 2012 |

There are several theories that explain these print ads of Demi Moore for Helena Rubinstein: Either they were taken from an earlier photoshoot (like 1987!), Demi Moore has discovered the Fountain of Youth, or she's been hitting the Fotoshop by Adobé extra hard. I'm not sure what kind of cosmetics Helena Rubenstein sells, but based on these images, it involves alien technology that removes the top 17 layers of skin and enlarges the cheek bones to make you look like a 25-year-old being from another planet. Something tells me that, IF YOU ACT NOW, you'll also receive a bottle of battery-acid extract, which will peel away YEARS of dead skin.




To think, only a few months ago, she looked like this:


I'll take six orders, please.

(Source: Jezebel)

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