In Which I Wish People Were Better

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In Which I Wish People Were Better

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | February 4, 2014 | Comments ()


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC at 8:00pm ET.

Olympic Preview Special on NBC at 8:00pm ET. Ugh. I am a big fan of the Olympics, mostly because there are very few opportunities to watch a few hours worth of sports like biathlon in my day to day life and I relish the chance to do so, but these Olympics give me a sinking feeling in my gut every time I think of them. I am, in my heart, a very quiet optimist who still tries to look upon the world as it is rather than how I would like it to be. I have known that there is corruption in the IOC, and that all of the games are marred by scandals of one kind or another but I still enjoy the chance to see the athletes I never would otherwise, and watch them achieve their biggest dreams even if they never get within sight of the medal podium. One of my favorite stories from the London games was of Nur Suryani, the Malaysian shooter who competed while eight months pregnant. She came into the game ranked 47th in the world and finished 34th. Whether it’s the more detailed coverage of the corruption and abuses in Russia or the threats on the safety of the athletes and spectators, I’m having a much harder time balancing the two contrasting sides of the games this year. Some of you will call me foolish, and I guess there’s no avoiding that, but I doubt I’m the only one struggling with this.

American Experience: The Amish Shunned on PBS at 9:00pm ET. This is a special following seven people who have left the Amish community and who have been shunned by their families and communities.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox at 9:30pm ET.

Justified on FX at 10:00pm ET.

Genevieve Burgess prefers the days when she gets to make fun of silly TV shows instead of delving into her inner thoughts in front of an audience.

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  • PDamian

    I have a terrible feeling that the only buildings in Sochi finished in time for the opening ceremonies will be the Olympic Village, the event venues, and the press hotels. In other words, everywhere the cameras will be. And even then, only the facades will be finished, and only where immediately visible. I know there's usually grousing just before the Olympics that the venues aren't ready, and they usually are ready anyways. But this time? Good grief, I'm worried about the athletes, their families, and anyone traveling to that open pit.

  • Stephen Nein

    It sounds like even the press hotels aren't finished, or so poorly finished that the plumbing is toxic.

  • Gunnut2600

    Anyone else think its weird for them to host the biathlon in Russia? If I am not correct, the sport basically was started during the Finnish-Soviet War when the Finns started it by using Soviet conscripts as targets. It would be like having an IED event in a US Olympic.

    I mean besides the one in Atlanta.

  • Elizabeth Graham

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    ✿✿✿✿ ✿〯✿✿ ✿�✿〮✿ ✿✿✿Some of you will call me foolish, and I guess there’s no avoiding that, but I doubt I’m the only one struggling with this.

  • Gunnut2600

    I don't know...I have always struggled with taking my cloths off in front of people. I would imagine doing it on a webcam just like your buddy's half sister would be just as uncomfortable.

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