If The Empire Strikes Back is No Longer Topical, Get Off of My Lawn
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If The Empire Strikes Back is No Longer Topical, Get Off of My Lawn

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Miscellaneous | May 6, 2013 | Comments ()


After The Empire Strikes Back was in the bag, Lawrence Kasdan donated a copy of his handwritten first draft of the script to the Writers Guild Foundation, which is exactly like the Spice Guild in Dune, right down to the crazy blue eyes and addiction to a powdered substance that lets you transcend space and time. Or so I heard. I tried donating copies of screenplays I wrote, but it turns out that restraining orders stay in effect no matter how much money you spend on wigs.

In any case, a few pages of the script were scanned so that Blastr could have an exclusive thing to post on May 4th. I've been a nerd for a long time, and I don't think I ever heard the "May the Fourth be with you" thing anywhere until the Internet decided it was a thing this year. Maybe I suppressed it. Or maybe the entire thing is an insipid viral campaign engineered by Disney in the wake of their announcement of Episode VII.

The pages in question have some real gems, like Kasdan writing himself a note to "figure out a speech pattern for Yoda" or the original words written in place of Harrison Ford's famous "I know" ad-libbed declaration of love.

Below is a nice excerpt, though I wonder if Han's "that can be arranged" was an ad-lib too. And I greatly enjoy the descriptive text that uses "Wampa arm" as a metaphor, like Kasdan is really getting into the universe to the point that the logical similes in his text are internal to the fictional universe rather than our own.


The rest of the scans are on Blastr, and I'll just link to it instead of uploading all of them here. Not simply because I'm lazy, but because I wouldn't want to pop their bubble over how much meaning the word "exclusive" has on the Internet. They're owned by SyFy, and would probably put on more wrestling if they become too jaded.

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  • psykins

    I own a copy of an original ESB novelization and a lot of the Han/Leia dialogue on these script pages is in that novelization

  • Erin S

    There's something about the rough drafts of Star Wars (and some deleted scenes,) particularly between Han and Leia, that just read like bad Star Wars fanfiction. Dammit, Internet! Maybe just because the actual lines are so ingrained, or Harrison Ford's attempts to un-bullshit his own lines made it seem so much less...silly.

  • Dragonchild

    Well, the prequels gave us the answer to what happens when an editor fails to get between George Lucas and the final draft.

    George Lucas certainly deserves due credit for that initial creative spark and push to get the project going, but we now know the original trilogy was MUCH more of a collaborative effort than we were led to believe.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Is it totally lame that Yoda's speech about The Force, being luminous beings, etc. tears me up a little? If so, then I am totally lame. Great stuff for a first draft.

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